Rockwell and Sons – 288 Smith Street Collingwood

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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First stop on the hunt for the best burger was the well regarded Rockwell and Sons in Collingwood on Smith Street. Based on my research, there was a fair bit of buzz about the “Double Patty Smash Burger”, so the decision was made to take the plunge and order one of these heart attack inducing bad boys. Ok, so to the food experience – oh and a side note, I’m not really going to be commenting on the service or ambiance in these burger blogs – Not, unless it’s a really bad or exceptionally good experience as I really just want to focus on the basics. Ok, so back to my burger experience. Damo, Jo and I ordered our burgers and waited with anticipation for the arrival of the “Doubles”.


Upon delivery I have to admit I wasn’t floored by the look of the burger itself – it looks a little bit like a double quarter pounder… to the touch the Brioche bun had a really soft, almost steamed, almost wet/soggy feel to it, with only a small scattering of sesame seeds on top and the look and feel of the burger sort of said to me “fast food outlet”. But after taking the first bite you realised that this was no fast food chain burger. The patties, cooked to medium, were juicy and beefy. And the bun, which was not actually soggy or wet to eat, was rich and buttery. The special sauce was, well, special. It’s a mayonnaise based sauce with dill and diced pickles clearly evident, and the pinkish hue suggested a dash of tomato, possibly with some mustard in there as well – a great accompaniment to the juicy patties. Now I’m not exactly convinced by the Kraft cheese slices included with much fanfare on the burgers, and I’ve had my fair share of Kraft singles, so I’m no food snob here. However they just lack a little something special, perhaps something with a little more punch might have been a better choice here… Size wise the burger was perfect, easy to eat, with a soft bun so there were no problems of having the dislocate your jaw just to take a bite. Although I probably could have eaten two of these – on a normal night I’d say one would be fine. The sauce oozing out was the only hazard – but to me a sign of a good burger is that you have sauce all over you fingers by the end, so this was a good thing.


The accompanying fries were to me terrible – I hate it when they leave the skin on the potatoes, it just seems like they are too lazy to peel the damn things. Ok, now I know there are those out there who would disagree, but I don’t care, it just really annoys me – peel your bloody potatoes people! The Malt vinegar aioli that arrived with the plate of chips was pretty average as well and didn’t do much for me so I’d probably try a different side next time. Their beer selection was pretty good – with a number of different craft beer’s to choose from and mountain goat on tap, and personally I think a nice cold beer with your burger and fries is a match made in heaven.  The let down for me and my food partners (Apart from the fries)  was that whilst the burger was a great cheese burger, it just lacked that something extra. It was a little one dimensional – sure you could argue that I’m being overly critical here – it’s a cheese burger for $11 which tasted pretty damn good, but I just thought – gee, some bacon would be great on this baby, something else to set it apart. But this isn’t a major criticism as I would happily go back. I just wouldn’t get their chips again.Rockford and sons

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