Beat Box Kitchen – Food Van

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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BBBurger2 In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, mmm this is a tasty burger. But before I get to that – thanks Damo for your dedication to the cause, brilliant suggestion to sample Beatbox Kitchen, apparently they release the location of their food van on facebook around midday each day so they can be hard to track down. So onto my review, on this occasion I will mention more than the burger, simply due to the fact that Beatbox Kitchen is a beatbox shaped food van. It’s pretty cool, not sure if you get the full effect from my photo.


On to the burgers – there’s the option of the Raph and the ‘shroom on the menu. We decided to go the Raph – although for some crazy reason we ordered them as double Raph’s – I think Damo had seen a photo of a double patty Raph so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity since we were both quite hungry. One problem I did have was that I  kinda feel that the name “Double Raph” gives me a visual image I’d rather not have when I’m ordering a burger, but maybe that’s just me… Anyway, we jumped into the burger deep end and ordered two Double Raphs with fries and Stereo Sauce and then waited with anticipation for the arrival of our food. Soon enough we had our brown paper bag, stuffed full of beefy goodness, and off we trotted to find something to sit on in the park so we could get to the serious business of devouring our burgers. First impression – big and beefy, probably didn’t need to go the double and this might be a struggle to finish off. Bun, was a soft white bread, slightly toasted and a little bit of crunch just on top as though it was given a kiss of the hot plate. Next thing that comes to mind – juicy. Very juicy. So much so that I got a big splotch of sauce and burger juice on my pants as I was eating, ah the battle scares of the burger warrior… Good thing they gave us a ream of serviettes. The burger itself was pretty unpretentious, crisp cos lettuce, a couple of red onion rings, a big slice of tomato, tasty cheese and a wack of the slightly tangy stereo sauce – we tasted a touch of horse radish in the mayo based sauce that worked really well with the patties. The meet was very beefy, a good thick pattie – I’d probably go a single pattie next time, wait, who am I kidding – which was cooked with just a slight memory of pink, or as Pop would say, cooked to a turn. Both liberally coated with melted tasty cheese. This is what a standard burger should be, there’s nothing really flashy here, well, maybe the sauce, but really its just about fresh, good quality ingredients. This is no, as Damo would say, “post modern homage to the cheese burger” that we experienced at Rockwell and Sons last weekend. This was just good simple food, done well.


Beatbox Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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