The Elsternwick Hotel – 259 Brighton Rd, Elwood “The Wick”

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Burger Hunt

Wick 2Ah the Elsternwick Hotel, how I love/hate you so much. I mean really. Love. Hate. You. I’ve been going to the ‘Wick since I moved up to the city – so, over 10 years now, and it’s been my local for most of my adult life. As far as locals go I’m sure you could do far worse. I’m sure you could probably also do much better as well. Last Monday night, which happens to coincide with trivia, I decided to move away from the usual Parma, or the sometimes steak and have a crack at the ‘Wick Burger. Before I go on, I might add that we are talking about the public bar food here, not the bistro. Not that that really makes much of a difference mind you, but I just thought I point it out. I’ve been eating at the Wick for over 10 years and in that time there have been various evolutions of the menu, some very good and some, er… made me eat at home before I came to trivia. Anyway, the food offerings here have been a bit of a random chance kinda thing, actually a bit like the pokies they have here, you win sometimes, but mostly you lose. Recently the pub fare on offer has settled down from the crazy rollercoaster it was on, to be fairly consistent and edible on a regular basis. So with all this in mind, I thought I had better sample the burger on offer as a sort of control in my research for the best burger hunt.

The Wick

So, onto the ‘Wick burger – as you can see from the photos, there’s a lot of bun and not much burger. I feel as though any decent burger has to have the patty meeting the edges of the bun. I’ve often buggered this up as a home cook and then you have this big mouthful of meatless burger which is always annoying. If I wanted a bloody salad roll I would have ordered one is always my feeling on the subject. So let down number one. Oh ‘Wick, how many times have you let me down? On to let down number two. The meat? pattie was a prefab pattie – I am almost certainly sure. It felt like a reheated frozen burger. On top of that, they decided to cook it until they were sure it was done, and then cook it again, because there was no hint of pink in this baby. Ok, look to be honest, the flavour was ok, the burger itself was ok, and the chips were… ok? And at $14 in a suburban public bar why would you complain. Did it beat the Macca’s across the road – maybe. Would I order one again, hmmm, probably not. When you dine at the Wick in the public bar, don’t expect too much and order the Parma or the Steak – both are decent for the price. Oh and remember, I still eat here once a week so it can’t be that bad, in saying that, it’s only 500m from my place and I’m pretty lazy so this is not a big wrap.

  1. J.Phillips says:

    Do you think they’ll ever let you eat here again?

  2. Andrew says:

    Well, I’m not saying don’t eat there – it’s not bad if you get the right menu option, i.e. The Parma, and the cheesy garlic bread is pretty good too.

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