The Merrywell – Cnr Clarendon St & Crown Riverside

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Burger Hunt, Uncategorized
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MerrywellBurger number three (Well four if you count the Wick… Ok let’s not count that one) on my burger hunt adventure was the well regarded The Merrywell burger bar in the Crown complex. I had read rave reviews about this place so I was keen to sample one of their famous burgers. On the hunt with me were some usual suspects, Damo and Jo, along with Damo’s mate Francis. We all ordered different burgers and the results varied quite widely from very good to down right crap. Alright – so on to my review. You can probably tell it’s not going to win any awards in my opinion. There’s a few reasons for that, but let me give you an overview of my experience with the Merrywell burger. First up, it’s not cheap – $22, although it does come with a small fries so I guess that brings it down a bit. As it arrives the first thing you notice is that it’s no two hander, by my estimation it’s some sort of weird size between a slider and a proper burger. It’s quite high so I guess they’ve gone for height here instead of girth. That could be an issue you might think, but the bun is a “damper” roll – nothing like the damper I used to make camping, but anyway, it squashes down quite a bit. I think this is their excuse to make a overly soft, not quite fully baked, white bread roll. Ok, I’m being nasty, I actually liked the soft roll, it reminded me of a very fresh wonder white bread – the kind of bread you just love with vegemite as a kid, really soft and uncomplicated. To me though, it just didn’t stack up to the buns on the burgers I’ve been exposed to recently. Oh dear, I sound like a pretentious burger tosser… Mmmm, lets be honest –  we all know I don’t really mind, it was always going to happen, next thing I’ll be talking about the flavour of roasted almonds that brings a depth of flavour to the bun, or how the beef has a smoky note that matches well with… Anyway, I digress. The Merrywell, yes where was I? Right, so I was disappointed I was saying, let me explain. Soft bun, right, small burger etc…


What exactly am I getting at? The burger sounded like it had all the makings of a pretty good burger, but at the end of the day it was a bit of a let down on a number of key fronts. First the bun, second the patty – whilst cooked pretty well, with a nice hint of pink as you can see, it was under seasoned and tasted quite plain. A real lack of beefiness. On the other hand, the pickles were quite nice and the caramelised onions were a really nice addition. I just felt that it lacked punch overall – I didn’t leave thinking wow – instead I left thinking I’ve had better. I have a feeling that it’s possible that I may have just built this place up too much in my head before hand- shades of phantom menace again. The idea you develop in your head can never live up to reality, and I am sure that had I just stumbled in and ordered a burger I might have been much more impressed with their offerings. Actually, I don’t think so – I’ll be honest, this place let me down. Ok, not as much as it let Damo down, boy did he have a whinge – poor bastard got a pretty average burger. But then he did order one with beetroot, so really, how can he complain??

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