Gloria swanstons kitchen – 243 Swanston St Melbourne, Upstairs at The Lounge

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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So I decided that I needed to do another burger joint on the weekend, partially because The Merrywell was a bit of a let down and partially because, hey, I like burgers, do I need an excuse… Anyway, my partner in crime this time was Chris C. He had the amazing suggestion that I should have some form of tasting notes to use – he even sent though a template, how very professional.
Gloria SwanstonWe had tickets to the Nine Inch Nails, QOTSA gig at Rod Laver that night (It rocked big time) so I did a bit of research about burger places that were close by and open. Two options came up, the Mr Burger van and Gloria Swanstons. Since it was raining we opted to eat inside at Gloria’s. I hadn’t really been  to the Lounge for a few years now, however I used to go quite a bit back in my student days and I had never considered eating there, it was a bit of a divey night club/bar so I never associated it with food. However the pics looked good and the reviews were favourable so the decision was made to give this place a try. And boy am I glade we went – one of the tastier burgers I’ve had. The Kick Arse Burger as it was aptly named was$16 with chips (Tuesday lunch it’s $8!!). Great value, and they had pabst blue ribbons pints for $8, which is expensive if you’re in the states, but damn cheap if you’re in downtown Melbourne, trust me. The burger was a good size and quite pleasing to the eye. A simple affair with bacon, onion, tomato, cheese and a special sauce. The bun they use is a brioche style, really, really good – especially as a follow up to the damper bun from the previous evening. The only let down was the patty, it was over cooked. It was clearly a good grade of meat, and it had a really nice beefy flavour, however it was over done. I also didn’t care for the cheese that they paired with the burger – it was plasticy, and didn’t add to the experience. If they could get those two elements right this would have been pretty much the best I’ve had. As it is, this is still a damn fine burger. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend you stop by.

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  1. Went back with Katie, Sarah and Dave – all of who had not yet had the pleasure of trying this delightful burger. The encore performance was just as good – and this time the patty was cooked medium. Can’t recommend this place enough

  2. I returned yet again to this great burger establishment, and whilst it is clear that my palate has developed – yep I’m becoming a burger snob – this burger still holds up. It’s a great American style burger. Good value, not a gourmet burger, but an honest burger that quenches that need you can get for a burger in a way that no fast food franchise in Australia ever could.

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