NSHRY – 129A Beaconsfield Pde Albert Park

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Originally, Chris and I had decided to visit Rockpool bar and Grill for their famous Wagu Burger. Unfortunately, after our 30minute journey through the casino maze we were greeted with the news that there was an hour and a half wait. Since you can’t book we decided to head off to somewhere else. Obviously, as we had originally planned to go for a premium burger, we felt that we needed to keep the standard high so we booked NSHRY and continued on our hunt.


As you can see, the location is pretty easy on the eyes. NSHRY is located just off the sand at the Albert park beach and it would be a fantastic spot to enjoy a few cold beverages on a nice summer afternoon. Whilst it was still warm enough to sit outside last night, I would love to come back when it’s a little warmer and really enjoy the location. Now, onto the food. Since Chris and I had just walked for a good hour and were as starving as two well feed first world citizens can get, we opted to get some entrees to ensure that our review was not tainted by starvation. Lets be honest, a Big Mac would probably have tasted amazing at that stage. Anyway, we decided on some chips and wings.

NSHRY chicken

Advertised as buffalo wings, the wings that come out bore no resemblance to what I would think of as buffalo wing except for the fact that they were chicken wings… However, they were quite tasty so I really shouldn’t complain, I’d order them again without hesitation. They reminded me of wings that I used to get when I lived in Windsor Ontario – Canada. There was an amazing wing place down the road in a suburb called sandwich town that did these slightly spicy, honey garlic wings – these babies at Nshry were the closest I’ve come in flavour in Australia. Anyway, I digress, you don’t want to hear about the chicken wings – it’s all about the burger right? Nshry (Pronounced Noshry) is famous for it’s Wagu Umami burger. I have been looking forward to sampling this burger for a while now.

NSHRY burger

This Burger is all about the Umami taste sensation – that is, the pleasant savoury flavour. So we now have sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savoury now. Apparently it’s a Japanese discovery, although there are questions as to whether it even exists. I like pleasant savoury as much as anyone, in fact, I’d go savoury over dessert any day of the week so this seems like a great idea for a burger. So, on to this pleasant savoury burger – The burger itself is quite pricy, $23, but then you are always going to pay a premium at a place with this sort of location. Still, not cheap, so expectations are high. As it arrives, the first think you notice is the quite large patty – it dominates the burger. Apparently it’s a 200g Wagu/Angus beef mix. There’s no salad, no green – the only thing here you could call salad is the slice of tomato. The bun looks nice, a good bread to meat ratio and feels nice in the hand. The burger is made up with a mushroom duxelle down the bottom, the big beef patty, caramalised onion, gruyere cheese, a slice of tomato, and a parmesan crisp. Sound amazing right? Well if you love French onion soup, you will be surprised at just how easy it is to make a burger taste like it! Yes, that’s right, the whole time I was eating this burger all I was think was, gee this taste like bad French onion soup. I did not enjoy this burger all that much, and part of the reason for this was the really dry patty. It wasn’t great meat, it was dry and lacking in flavour, the mushroom and onion dominated. there was a distinct lack of sauce, mouth feel was rubbery at times.  Flavour wise, the burger in essence was one note – and they didn’t hit that note well. I can see how this burger could be executed better – a moist patty, with really good quality meat. However I still think it’s going to taste like French onion soup. All the aspects are there. Gruyere, (On a toasted crouton – you get that toasted note from the bun and the parmesan crisp), onions, beef (Stock form in the soup obviously). Look, it’s an interesting burger, I’m sure some people would really enjoy the different take, however at the price point, I want to be blown away. I wouldn’t recommend this burger…


  1. Roger says:

    A good critique Andrew. Just goes to show that great or potentially great ingredients need a great chef to deliver the end result

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