Spotted Mallard, 314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Another Friday night, another burger adventure… I’m really starting to love my Burger nights – the anticipation builds throughout the week, and I start to have day dreams about burgers. Actually I’m not sure if this is healthy… I’m starting to sound a bit weird. Ok, forget I said all that. Anyway, let’s talk burgers – and poutine. After not much research this week since it was the last week of term , I decided on a place called Spotted Mallard. It’s located just north of the city. This whole area just north of the CBD seems to be at the cutting edge of the Burger renaissance at the moment, a melting pot of burger experimentation and excitement if you will. Um… ok I need to calm down obviously, anyway, the place was on Sydney Rd so you have easy access on public transport. We – that is, Damo, Jo Katie and I – arrived at about 6:30pm and there were plenty of tables available – although if you are going later I’d book as it’s a bit of a live music venue and it was pretty full by 8pm.


We were all pretty hungry so we started with some Poutine and some pork riblletes. For those of you who don’t know, Poutine is French Canada’s gift to the culinary world – those crazy Quebecoise’s like to add cheese curd and gravy to their chips. When I lived in Canada I must admit I partook more than once. In fact, McDonalds in Quebec (The French speaking province) even sells Poutine. Spotted Mallard even has a Poutine menu, although they don’t offer a traditional Poutine, so we ordered their Lamb Poutine. Both starters were very good and the poutine was an all round success – definitely recommend if you are feeling peckish before a burger.

spotte Mallard 2

We all ordered the 150g Wagu Beef and Bacon burger and waited patiently for our burgers to arrive. On arrival, I was impressed by the burger, it looked juicy and was a good size – the buns are from Lievito and they’re a Brioche style – I can actually buy these buns from my nearby specialist grocery store and they’re my go to burger bun  when I make a burger. The chips were apparently triple cooked – and they certainly had a lovely crunch and soft centre – the reminded me more of a roast potato. The skin on was less of a factor here as they were not fries, but large crunchy wedges (Still feel that they would have been better without the skin). They were amazing in the poutine, but without the Gravy they weren’t as good – chips this size need a sauce of some description. The Burger was a Wagu beef – listed as only 150g but it seemed more, it was cooked to a medium well, but still very juicy. Included in the burger was lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and bacon – the sauce was a peppery chipotle. To me this was a great Burger – just what I wanted, the bacon was smokey and delicious, the pickles were amazing, the cheese was melting and gooey and not sticky and dry like you can get. The patty was  juicy and delicious and the whole burger was just lifted up a notch with the spicy sauce. And they weren’t stingy on the sauce:

spotted Mallard

The good thing about that was I could use the chips to wipe up the excess sauce (Next time I’m getting extra for the chips). A small let down for me was that the Bacon was a little cold on my burger – although covered in sauce and sitting on the hot meat patty you hardly noticed – but surely that’s not hard to rectify. Some of the tasting “panellist” felt that the burger was too salty – now I know I have a high salt tolerance (Must be in the genes, as my Pop was the worst, he’d just shake the salt over his meal saying, “is it coming out?” for a good 5 seconds…) however, even I noticed that the burgers were a bit salty. Too me you have to get your seasoning right – not enough and the meat taste bland, too much and every thing is just too salty. A couple of the guys thought that it crossed the line and was just too salty, but in my opinion it was just fine. The final point for me was that when I was finished I automatically started looking at the burgers of those who hadn’t finished and I just really wanted another bite. In fact right now I wouldn’t say no if someone offered me one of their burgers. I would highly recommend this burger. Delicious.

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