Hofbrauhaus, 18-20 Market Ln, Melbourne

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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hofbrauMy brother and I decided that it was schnitzel time, and as a result, set off to experience the wonders of the schnitzel at Hofbrauhaus in the city. I must admit, I really love a good schnitzel – my Nanna, being from German stock loves to crumb things, and then fry them and serve with potato –  this must be where my love of the schnitzel comes from. My normal go to place for a schnitzel is the German club Tivoli on Dandenong rd., they do an amazing Jager Schnitzel which is a Wiener (Veal) schnitzel with mushroom and bacon sauce. I like to order it with a 500ml DAB and some egg spatzle… Mmm hungry just thinking about it. So, anyway, as you can imagine, I was looking forward to the Hobrauhaus’s take on one of my old favourites.


As you arrive you have the choice of eating in the restaurant next-door or upstairs in a Munich style beer hall with communal seating on big tables and various musical entertainment throughout the evening. We opted for upstairs. The feel of the place is a bit touristy, with all the waiters/waitresses in traditional dress (Although – they’re not Germans, our waiter was an American…). The beer hall wasn’t very big and because it was a cold Tuesday evening, it was also pretty quiet. We started with bread and ordered the Pork Wiener Schnitzels with chips, veg and spatzel on the side. Although not the traditional veal, the pork schnitzels were quite good and a generous serving size. I got mine with a side of Mushroom sauce so the total cost was $34 which is rather more than the German club. The spatzel was ok, but in need of more salt and butter, and again almost twice what you pay at the German club. I guess location wise you would expect to pay a little more considering it’s right in the heart of the city, so I really shouldn’t complain too much here, sometimes I’m just a bit of tight arse… I’d like to come back on a busy night and attempt the crazy 1.5kg Schnitzel with 1lt of beer and a bowl of chips. If you finish it all in less than 45mins you get the meal for free, otherwise it’s $75. Both Christopher and I thought we could mount a fairly decent attack on the schnitzel challenge if we trained hard enough for it. If you are looking for a good traditional German meal, go to the German club, if you want a bit of fun and you are in the City already – well, it’s not a bad option.


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