Rockpool Bar and Grill – Crown Complex Southbank

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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rockpool-wagyu-burger 2

Wow. Ok, so I guess I need to be slightly more descriptive of the Burger at Rockpool. Wow wee…

Alright, this burger is amazing. I could rant on about this beefy burger of deliciousness all day and I still would not do it complete justice. Let me tell the story… Chris and I had been thinking about Rockpool for a while now. Our plan of attack was to arrive at 11:45 and just wait until they opened the doors to ensure that we had a chance at this culinary masterpiece that we had heard so much about. Arriving early on what was still technically Wednesday morning Chris and I were greeted by a small group of other prospective diners, waiting eagerly at the restaurant door. We both knew at this stage that we were a chance for a seat and the anticipation and excitement began to build. Once inside we asked if we could dine at the bar and we were led away into a small seating area which was between the bar and the main dining room, separated by a curtain of sorts. The only difference I could tell was that the chairs and tables were a little different from the main dining area and the menu was much smaller. The service however was no different to what I had experienced on my past visits to the main dining area. We were treated to exceptional and professional service, exactly what you’d expect in a two hat restaurant. We opted to start with the Jamon and pickles platter and a glass of a lovely Domaine Oratoire Côtes du Rhône. Both were amazing. I have to be honest, it was tough sticking to the plan of getting the burger, everything on the bar menu looked so lovely, however, I had to stay focused – work is work after all right?

rockpool menu

I’ve included the menu so you can see just how hard it was to avoid temptation. Both Chris and I ordered the Burgers – medium rare with the house cut chips and two juicy Victorian Pinot Noir’s  to go with the burgers. On arrival the burgers impressed with their size – these were easily the biggest of the burgers I’ve sampled on my journey. And when you consider that the house cut chips (Which I’ll talk about later) are enough for two – if all you ordered was the burger and chips you are looking at only $30, add in a wine by the glass and it’s actually really quite reasonable. It just makes places such as The Merrywell look even more outrageously over priced. Anyway, back to the burger. The first thing you notice is the impressive size, the patty is quite generous, topped with a house made pickle which is a bright green and yellow, smoked bacon, gruyere cheese, a tomato relish and some red onion rings which seemed to be both slightly pickled and then slightly caramelised. On the slide you have some cos lettuce and sliced tomatoes. The bun is very well toasted on the cut side and soft and spongy inside, with a lovely springy yet slightly crisp top – it’s in the style of a brioche but not entirely, lacking a little of the sweetness and full on butteryness – it’s more subtle than that. The one problem (Haha… problem) is that it is a little on the large side to eat with you hands and retain that sophisticated air. The ladies next to us ate theirs with a knife and fork. I had no such qualms and just went for it with my hand. I would note that being as the burger was a bit saucy, one could feel a little self conscious with sauce dipping down the fingers – but hey, I couldn’t think of anything else but the amazing flavour sensations that I was experiencing at the time. My burger pattie I have to admit was slightly over done, only marginally pink, however the meat was clearly of a very high quality – it was beefy and juicy and expertly seasoned.

rockpool-wagyu-burger 3

All the elements of the burger worked in unison and both Chris and I commented that there appeared to be some addition to either the meat or the sauce that created a nicely subtle umami flavour as a background note. The side of chips were delicious and served with a fantastic house made tomato sauce, the chips where clearly cooked at least twice which gave them that crispy outer layer and tender inside. For me the service was absolutely excellent, the ambiance was lovely, and both elements really created a special event feel to the dining experience. Value wise, yes it’s not cheap, but you really do get what you pay for and more here. Unlike a number of other venues, I would actually say I felt like I got value for money. I would not just recommend this place, I feel like it must be added to any bucket list to at least try once in your life time. Amazing.

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  1. Roger says:

    Very much enjoying the blog. Have you considered scoring each occasion so it is easier to compare? Also you should Google Heston’s hamburger recipes. I saw a really good TV show on how he tackled the home made burger. Salt is the key apparently.

  2. Yeah, I saw the same episode – Might have to go back and watch it again. In terms of scoring, I’m going to get around to that once I have a few more burgers under my belt… Well, hopefully the constant cycling makes it hard to see said burgers – anyway, I’m thinking about how to approach it, but at the end of the day I think you need to consider what the burger is trying to do. Is it a traditional burger, a gourmet burger, cheap and cheerful, crazy challenge burger etc… Hard to compare apples with oranges so to speak, so I’ll have to consider all of that.

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