The Merrywell – upstairs

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Went back to the Merrywell for a Birthday, however this time we dinned upstairs. Since I had already tried the Burger downstairs I opted to sample the mini Wagu beef burgers – basically three sliders. Much more basic than the Merrywell burger, none the less, this is quite a nice option if you are looking for a Burger fix and you happen to be upstairs. I would note however, that the upstairs restaurant is quite expensive, the Merrywell burger which isn’t cheap downstairs is $29 upstairs!!! And it’s the same burger! The Sliders are a more reasonable $19. For that price you get the equivalent of a burger in size, just in three sliders.

merrywell sliders

The sliders themselves are based on the same meat that goes into the main burger, cooked to medium, they are served with a white cheddar cheese and caramelised onions. They are served on a soft and tasty white bread roll – Basically they’re a really tasty couple of mouthfuls.


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