Misty’s Diner – 765 Gilbert Rd, Reservoir

Posted: April 12, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Seems I can’t go more than a few days without needing a burger at the moment… Tonight I decided to get my burger fix with Damo at Misty’s Diner – I just really wanted a simple American style burger – nothing fancy.  Misty’s Diner has two locations, one in Prahran which I have visited before, and now one in Reservoir which Damo and I visited this evening

Misty's 1

As I mentioned I was after an American Style Burger – nothing too pretentious. I’ve been to a few real American diner’s during my many trips to the states so I knew what I was looking for. It can actually be quite difficult to replicate in Australia for a number of reasons. Firstly the Bacon, you just can’t get good American bacon here, my favourite is always applewood smoked bacon, which if you’ve ever cooked in a pan, you’ll be amazed just how crispy it gets – and how much fat you are left with afterwards (Easy to set alight…)! Secondly, American Cheese – Yep, I’m talking about the yellow processed kind – it’s perfect for an American burger, it just works. And finally the bun, American bread is sweeter than Australian bread, I think because they use more sugar than salt as the preservative. So lets get onto the burger adventure. I decided that since it’s school holidays and I have very little to do, I’d go for a bit of a drive – outside of the city and my immediate area. I drove up to Damo’s and after some discussion we settled on Misty’s Diner. When you get there, you are greeted to a good ol’ American diner, complete with 1950’s music playing on the jukebox. We both ordered Misty’s American style burgers – billed as Misty’s signature burger, plus a side of the gourmet fries. Ok, and a sneeky bucket of buffalo wings… The burger as advertised on the menu looks pretty standard, however it comes with a fried egg. As far as I can recall, an egg is not something many of the burgers I have eaten in the states has come with. As the burger came out, our friendly waitress suggested we utilise the wrapping around the burger as these things were very saucy – good advice. My first look at the burger suggested it would be a tasty burger, although the bacon did not seem authentic American bacon, which you can see in the photo.

Misty's 2

American bacon is usually quite small and crispy, this seemed more like Australian style streaky bacon (Far too meaty and not enough fat). Apart from that, it looked a good size, the bun felt soft, and the whole thing looked juicey and well sauced. One thing I couldn’t see at this stage was the burger patty. In fact after my first few bites I still hadn’t hit the patty, although once I did I was a bit disappointed. The patty was a frozen, premade patty – cooked well done, it was pretty small and insipid really, being ultimately drowned out by all the other flavours in the burger. Texturally, once you prefabricate a patty and freeze it, and then cook it,  it just feels like sausage mince. Taste wise, it was ok, and all of the condiments leant a traditional flavour, the cheese especially. The egg, weirdly enough, was actually really important to the overall feel of the burger because it added sauciness  and padded it out considering the patty was quite small. The effect overall was a reasonable burger, it hit the mark in terms of overall American feel, but was let down by the meat. This could be a really good burger, but in the end, it just comes across as on OK burger. It satisfies, but at the same time it leave you thinking if only… I’d recommend only if you were in the area.

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  1. Roger says:

    As a suggestion:- out of ten, go 2 for “True to advertised product”; 5 for “Taste”; 1 for “Ease of eating” important if you are trying to eat a burger. After all, it’s not a bloody plate of pasta eh? and then I’d give 2 for “Afterglow”, that sort of hard to describe feeling of overall delight with the experience. Just a suggestion. Flashman

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