Burger Edge – Chadstone Shopping Centre

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Burger Hunt

What’s that old saying? You have to slay a few dragons before you get to the princess? Well, I fear that this burger was more dragon than princess… This was a spur of the moment burger so I wasn’t expecting great things – Katie and I were off to see the new Captain America movie (Which we both really liked – although I’m no movie aficionado and Katie will watch pretty much anything so take my recommendation here with a grain of salt), and just across from the ticket booth is a Burger Edge. Now I’d eaten at Burger Edge in the past – although this was well before I had experienced so many different and delicious burgers – so I guess my standards were much, much lower. Let’s talk about the burger… burger edge1 I ordered the “feel the cheese” add bacon on a white bun. The burger to look at was very simple, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, two slices of tasty style cheese the patty and sauce. The bun felt stale in the hand and was slightly crunchy – which I just don’t like in a burger bun – makes it too messy to eat. Otherwise the burger was pretty standard, although the pickles were tasteless and added nothing to the burger (Disappointing considering I love pickles…). My big gripe however was the patty – as you can see from the picture below, the patty was cooked to a well done, which you’d expect at a franchise place – no big deal, and it was a good size for the bun. burger edge2 Unfortunately, and you might be able to make it out from the photo – the meat was far too over worked and probably frozen and then defrosted giving it a weird texture. It was also seasoned with some sort of herb mix giving the overall consistency and flavour of meatloaf. Not really what I was looking for in a burger to be honest. For the price point,(I think around $10-$12) and considering it was in the middle of a shopping centre (mall), I really wasn’t expecting great things, however, I wasn’t expecting meatloaf tasting burger either. Was it terrible? No, not really, I’ve had worse – But, I’d probably go to Nandos before the movies next time if I was desperate.


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