Ribs & Burgers – Craigieburn Central, Craigieburn VIC

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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R&B2This burger has to be the most adventurous food/burger adventure that I have undertaken so far. Due to my inherent laziness I decided to leave the choice of burger venue to Chris, after much painstaking and careful research he selected Ribs & Burgers out in Craigieburn. Now I won’t lie to you, I had no idea where Craigieburn was, and clearly, neither did Chris, nor for that mater did Chris’s GPS… I guess his research didn’t include looking at a map?? Well anyway,  what should probably take about 30mins of mostly highway driving turned into an hour long adventure of back roads and loops and U-turns… I guess the GPS fell we needed to take the scenic rout. Anyway, we (That’s Katie, Chris and I) eventually arrived at the massive and impressive Craigieburn Central shopping centre/mall – which actually reminded Katie and I of a mall in Albuquerque New Mexico – guess it was the way it was really spread out (They clearly have a lot of space in Craigieburn). We got there pretty late due to the round-about nature of the drive, and so the place was pretty empty. Ribs & Burgers is actually a chain with about 8 restaurants in and around Sydney and Melbourne. It feels a little bit more up-market than a Nandos or a Grill’d, probably a little bit more expensive as well, but not by much. We ordered at the counter and waited for our meals – I would point out that the staff were unusually friendly and helpful –  and even though they stuffed up the order (Hey, mistakes happen), they were so good about it that it actually didn’t matter and they fixed everything very  quickly and professionally – Well done to them. So, anyway, Chris and I ordered what we thought would be the most indicative burger, the Wagu burger and Katie got the cheese burger with bacon. At $18 for the Wagyu burger, it’s fairly pricey and so I had fairly high expectations. From the menu the  Wagyu burger is described as a “Premium Wagyu beef mince with – baby cos lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, dill pickles, onion rings, topped with pink & BBQ sauce. Now, normally I don’t rate BBQ sauce in a burger, nor do I usually go for onion rings, but I thought – what the hell, just got with the flow, it might just work – take chance, live dangerously!!! I know, I know, I’m crazy like that, living on the edge. Anyway, the burgers arrive on little wooden paddles, and all three burgers look visually impressive although Katie’s was missing the bacon (They brought out double the amount in quick time after we alerted them of the mistake). The buns on the Wagyu burgers were a bit of a let done for my money – I really hate flour sprinkled on top of the buns – I hate the dusty feel it gives in the hands and the gritty texture it can give. I wanted Katie’s sesame seed bun, oh well. First bite was juicy and delicious. The patty had a nice smokey note from the grill and was clearly a good quality meat. I’d like it to be a bit less cooked, but otherwise it was very good.


The onion rings and the BBQ sauce worked well together and gave the burger a smokey sweetness which complemented the meat well. However, due to the BBQ flavour, the pickles got drowned out a little bit, so a positive and a negative in my books (I wanted to taste the pickles…). Overall a very enjoyable burger and I’d certainly like to try some of their other menu options. I’d love to try the Wagyu burger with cheese and bacon added – oh the bacon!! Since they brought out a double helping after the initial error, Katie was nice enough to allow us all to have a small sample of the bacon. Hot, crispy, fresh off the grill, that smokey, fatty goodness would be ideal in any burger, but we all agreed that it would just push the Wagyu burger up another level. If you are in the area, or even a little way off and you have a hankering for a quality burger, you could do far worse than Ribs & Burgers. Fingers crossed one opens up near me!

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  1. I have to say that that Bacon was amazing. – Chris.

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