The Woodlands Hotel – 84-88 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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I love that feeling you get when you “find” a new place. I hadn’t heard anything about the Woodlands Hotel, and no one I spoke to had been to there before so surely this counts as a discovery… Ok, so the place was reasonably full, and I dare say some of those people siting around us had been before, but like the early European explorers, since no-one I know, knew about this place I’m claiming it… I wonder if that means I can claim ownership and name it?? (I think I’d be more respectful to the traditional owners than my European forbears… Who in this case happen to be the Wurundjeri people). Anyway, so I decided to go a little bit further afield and dragged along quite a crowd of people this time – assisting me in the burger hunt were Katie, Jo, Damo and Chris C. Damo only lives around the corner from the Woodlands, and yet had never been, so he was keen to give it a go. The Woodlands hotel is located on busy Sydney Rd, a fair way north of the city in Coburg – so it’s a bit of a drive. They have an upstairs dinning area and then a downstairs bar and courtyard. We ate downstairs, however, next time I’d like to give upstairs a go, I sneaked up to have a look and it looked really interesting – a really cool space that looked like a lot of fun. Woodlands is the kind of gastro pub that I like, they have a whole page devoted to craft beers! I started with one of my favourites – the Kooinda American Pale Ale, which does a great job of tasting like an American craft beer, that just happens to be made in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. If you see it on the menu and you like big, bold flavours, then I can’t recommend this enough. Since we were waiting for a couple of slow coaches to arrive, the group decided to grab some of the bar snacks on the menu, which were all quite nice – I loved the Edamame with wasabi salt, such a great beer snack… Once every one had arrived we decided to order – with everyone ordering the burgers! At $19 they’re reasonably priced and are advertised as a Wagyu burger, on a brioche bun with iceberg lettuce, tomato relish, swish cheese, aioli, pickles and fries. Being fairly hungry we also ordered the lamb ribs (which were delicious)…

woodlands25 Burgers arriving at the same time had our table abuzz with excitement, well maybe I was reading too much into it, but anyway, I was excited… The burgers were a little on the smaller size, halfway between my ideal size and a slider, but you do get a very generous amount of ubiquitous shoe strings fries with your meal so you wont be starving afterwards – but to be safe I’d recommend another side or share plate to go along with the burger if your are particularly hungry.


The burger was soft and warm in the hand – the bun was well toasted on the inside and soft and spongy on the outside with the requisite amount of sesame seeds on top. What I liked about this burger was the fact that it was well sauced – too often of late I’ve been provided with burgers that have been stingy on the sauces – but not this time – with was such a relief. A good helping of aioli and tomato relish along with a generous helping of melting cheese really gave the burger a rich and juicy feel. The pickles were also very good, cutting through the richness of the meat and cheese. I really liked the addition of the iceberg lettuce – it appeared they had used the white centre of the lettuce so it was very crisp and had a subtle bitterness to it that really added to the overall taste profile. The patty itself was good, well seasoned, juicy – cooked medium well, a nice size with a beefy flavour. Overall, the burger was really good – all elements worked and I couldn’t think of something they needed to add or subtract to enhance the experience. The consensus from our table was – a solid burger, well worth your time and effort if you are north of the city and feeling like a burger. I have a feeling I’ll be back.



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