Tommy Ruff – Shop 3/1-3 Carre St Elsternwick VIC

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Tommy Ruff

Sneaky Afternoon Burger… Had to leave work early to get to the post office to sort out some passport stuff and I hadn’t had a chance to actually eat any lunch. As a result I was rather peckish. Chris C had mentioned that Tommy Ruff – a fish and chip shop that I’ve seen many times before, but never been to – did a really solid fish burger. Since I had just happened to park my car pretty much in front of Tommy Ruff and I was hungry – surely the stars had aligned and it was some higher power’s will that I get some form of burgery goodness from Tommy Ruff. I mean – who am I to argue with such clear omens. Anyway, once I had all my chores out of the way, the path was clear to enjoy the lovely autumnal sunshine and a sneaky afternoon burger. Tommy Ruff from the outside looks like a nice little restaurant, inside they have a counter at which you can order takeaway (Which they give to you in these cool reusable bags…), a seating area for diners and then a covered and heated veranda out the front. Since it was really nice and sunny I elected to sit out the front. I  was going to order the fish burger, but something about the beef burger called out to me, so I went with the “sinker” – 100% Aussie Beef burger with the lot, some chips and some calamari rings (I love a good calamari ring).

tommy ruff 2

I have to say, when the burger arrived, the young girl who brought it out to me was impressed enough to actually exclaim, “wow, it looks amazing doesn’t it?” (Hopefully that doesn’t mean that normally the burger’s not as good) all I could do was smile and try not to dribble as at this stage I was pretty hungry. First things first – the calamari rings, wow – crispy, fresh, tender, delicious. These are some of the best I’ve had for a while, worth the $1.20 a pop price as they are also a pretty generous size. I can’t recommend these enough. The chips that came with the meal were also fantastic, really good, lightly seasoned, fish and chip shop style chips. But really, what I want to talk about is the burger. I am so glad I decided to go in today! At $9.50 we aren’t talking an expensive burger by any stretch, it’s cheaper than most burger bar standard burgers and in this case you get “the lot”, which means cheese, egg, onion, bacon & salad. On a first impression basis it certainly scores well – it looks fantastic, a well put together, well proportioned burger. The bun is soft and springy, a nice soft white bread – nothing fancy, but does the job. The egg and bacon are both high quality, as are the salad elements, and the grilled onions are a nice touch. The patty itself is fairly thin, a standard fish and chip shop size – clearly  a good quality meat, cooked well and certainly beefy and juicy. A generous slice of cheese and a fair whack of tomato sauce completes the supporting cast. Overall you really can’t go wrong at this price point, and if you are looking for a good quality Aussie style burger with the lot, I’d have to strongly recommend giving Tommy Ruff a shot. For what they are trying to do, and at the price they are charging I’d have to give it an 7.5 (I was almost thinking about an 8).


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  1. Went back today since it’s international Hamburger day… Just a solid burger – delicious, I love it when a place can back it up the next time around. Dangerous that this place is walking distance from my house though. Oh and I ordered the amazing calamari rings and the girl brings them out and goes “there’s six there because they are a little smaller than usual” I might have giggled a little bit like Homer when she said that. By smaller I guess she meant, normal for everyone else?

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