Huxtaburger – 106 Smith St, Collingwood

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Unfortunately my phone ran out of battery so I couldn’t take any photos – don’t worry, I’ll make sure I go back and order yet another burger just so I can have photographic evidence. The sacrifices I make… Anyway, so I had a seminar on the American Revolution in Collingwood not far from Smith street on Tuesday night last week that just happened to finish at 6:30pm. Well, since I was in the area, and I had heard so much about Huxtaburger I thought it was be remiss of me not to all least walk past. Since I was hungry I decided that the smart thing to do would be to kill two birds with one stone and just order a burger. I’ll make this review short and then add to it after I’ve gone back and got some photo’s… Anyway, I ordered the Theo, which is a Huxtaburger with bacon, double cheese and double pattie. Standard accompaniments on these baby’s are tomato, lettuce, cheese, pickles,  mustard (French’s) , tomato sauce and mayo. The standard Huxtaburger is $9.00 and the Theo is $12.5, large crinkle cut chips are $3 – so we’re talking pretty good value for the inner city. So as I was saying, I ordered the Theo, sat at the bar and waited for my burger to arrive, a nice local beer help with the wait… The burger didn’t take long, and when it arrived, it looked the part, quite high with the double pattie – so this was going to be a challenge to eat without getting it all over my suit. As I picked it up, the bun was a nice and soft, sesame seeds on top, not sure if it would stand up to the task of the rather tall burger (They always tend to spill out the side I find), but otherwise the type of bun you want to support your burger. First bite and the straight away I noticed was the bacon – really nice and crispy, doing a sterling support job, delicious. Second thing I noticed was the pattie – terrible. Here’s what I immediately thought of after I finished the first bite. “Wow, that pattie reminds me of Coles home brand frozen hamburger pattie”. That’s not what I want to think about when I’m eating what’s supposed to be a well renowned burger. The problem was that the pattie was clearly frozen, had a fair bit of filler, and had been overworked, giving it that sausage like consistency. Add to that the fact that it was cooked to well done, the result was a pattie that was too small for the bun because it shrank, and then all the beefiness was washed out by all the other flavours in the burger. Not that the burger didn’t taste nice overall, it just doesn’t stack up to the burgers you can get at some many places that come with a freshly ground, well cooked, good quality all beef pattie. Look, it’s not a bad burger, the elements are all there, it’s just let down by the poor quality pattie. I can’t give it anymore that a 6.5.

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  1. Katie Phillips says:

    Hmmm you didn’t tell me you went to Huxtaburger. Sneaky.

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