Zombie Burger – Shakespeare Grove, St Kilda VIC

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Generally speaking I’m not big on gimmicks, I kinda think, if you need a gimmick to get the punters through the door then you’re focusing on the wrong thing and not the food. On this occasion I was however, pleasantly surprised – you can have it both ways! So anyway, last Sunday night Chris and I had decided that we needed a burger, I’m not sure why I specified that it was Sunday night – you can get the urge for a burger at any time or day of the week. Is there ever a wrong time to grab a burger? I think not – Anyway, after driving around to find the place that we had originally intended to patronise closed, we decided to drive past Zombie burger and give it a go – I know Chris had his reservations, but we were hungry and it was open so the decision was made.  Located down a side street in busy StKilda, Zombie burger is more of a burger bar/take away place, although it does have some seating room. Chris and I elected to sit along the bar and watch the guys work their burger magic on the grill, the smells coming off the grill, I tell you, they certainly whet the appetite. I ordered the Zombie burger which is described on their menu as “Fire-grilled grass-fed beef, beer caramelized onions, melted American cheese, dill pickle, vine-ripened tomatoes, oakleaf lettuce, topped with American mustard, our special ZB ketchup, signature ZB mayo on a toasted brioche bun” all for a bargain $10.50, I got mine with an extra patty and bacon. Chris foolishly didn’t double up and only got the standard Boomstick burger, although he was wise enough to add bacon. Why you wouldn’t get bacon on a burger if it’s an option is beyond me. Everything is better with bacon. Everything.


After waiting for what seemed like the longest 10 minutes ever – remember we could see them cooking the burgers and smell the beefy goodness, it was so hard not to jump over the counter and demand they just hand over all the patties… The burgers arrive in a nice cardboard take-away container, the buns look great, nice and soft to the touch, lightly toasted and well sprinkled with sesame seeds – these are the sort of buns that I want on my burgers, really the quintessential burger bun. So this burger adventure starts well, picking up the burger and taking the first bite I knew I’d made the right decision, two patties are better than one. The patties themselves are more a traditional American fast food style in flavour although at the top of the quality scale, they are beefy and juicy but don’t have that buttery, rich Wagyu steak flavour you get in some of the top end burgers around town. It’s more of a strong beef flavour. When you add in the American cheese it really does remind me of a traditional fast food American burger.
The Burger itself is well balanced as a double, with a nice freshness from the salad elements still coming though, the sauce keeps everything moist while the onions add richness. You still get the pickle there and the bacon and cheese add a rich saltiness that brings it all together. Both Chris and I were quite impressed – this is a really good burger. I’d give it an 8 – Know I’ll be back.

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