Eat 8 Bit – 8 Droop St Footscray, VIC

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Both Damo and I hail from the age of the 8 bit machine – spending many hours slaving away on the 8 bit console of the 80’s the Nintendo entertainment system, NES (How good was the legend of Zelda???). So when Damo mentioned there was a place in Footscray called 8 bit, I was all ears. And when I found out there was a burger called the Double Dragon – well how could I say no? So off we went to 8 Bit in Footscray, ready to dive in to some childhood nostalgia and some burgers – it was a double dose for me since I went to uni at VUT in Footscray and to be honest I hadn’t been back to the place for about 10 years. It was a bit of an adventure getting to the place, as Damo is about as good at directions as I am, but eventually we made it to Footscray, found a park and walked up to 8 bit. First thing I noticed when we arrived was that  the place was packed (Always a good sign). Seriously standing room only, and there was going to be a long wait for burgers – The staff looked like they were run off their feet and the pace in the kitchen,  which you have full view of, was hectic. However the staff were all sweaty smiles so that made it bearable. We decided that milkshakes were needed – I guess you can’t help but feel a bit like a youngster when you’re surrounded by childhood memories. We both ordered the salted caramel milkshakes but were disappointed to learn they were sold out – we settled on the chocolate bar shakes – mars bar today – and paired these with two double dragon burgers, and some chilli cheese fries. We had ordered take away but Damo did well to stalk a couple who were just about to finish off their meals and then managed to snag their seats at the window after about 5 minutes. The milkshakes arrived after another 5 minutes and they were worth the wait – you could taste the Mars Bar and there were little chunks of caramel and chocolate throughout – delicious. It was a fair wait for the burgers but the staff kept us informed and eventually they arrived. The Double Dragons are promoted on the menu as: Double beef, Double cheese, Double bacon, Pickles, Mustard, Lettuce, 8BIT sauce $13.50. You really can’t go wrong with the triple double of Beef, bacon and cheese. The burgers came wrapped up and were contained in a nice little box with the burger poking out the top. Gee I was hungry when I saw them come out – I hope I didn’t drool visibly… Anyway, so I should probably describe the burger – The bun is a nice soft slightly sweet, white bread bun with a good smattering of sesame seeds.

First bite is good – lots of meat and cheese, and the bacon was really good. The beef patties in these burgers are based on the fast food style, good amount of fat, lower quality, but full of flavour cuts – you get a juicy mouth feel even when thin and cooked all the way though and strong beef flavours. Although I do find this styles can get a little bit much towards the end, especially if it gets a bit cold. Of course, I never have that problem, I devour my burgers pretty quickly! The pickles were pretty flat on flavour to be honest and the lettuce was a bit soggy at the end. The lack of onion and tomato didn’t win any votes from me – it lacked a freshness that you get from those elements and the burger felt at times a little greasy. Overall a good solid burger, I certainly enjoyed it, but it needs something to set it apart. I’d give it 7. I’m coming back for the golden axe chicken burgers though – they looked amazing!


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