Tuckshop Takeaway, 273 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North VIC

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Everyday on my drive home from work I pass this unassuming little burger joint called Tuckshop Takeaway. More than once I’ve thought to myself, maybe I should just nick in for a quick burger – just to try the place out really… But the desire to get home after a hard days work has always been too strong. Yesterday however, I decided that I really needed a cheeky afternoon burger, my good foodie friend Shane was down from Sydney and we were catching up to plan our culinary Japan trip for later in the year – Actually I should expand on this point.


Shane and I have a diners club thing going where we each set aside a small amount of cash each month and then once or twice a year we use the money we’ve saved to hit up a really nice restaurant. Keep in mind that this money is only for the diners club – it cannot be spent on anything else – in effect, we figured that since we were forgoing dining out with each other once a month as we might expect to do as two fine food connoisseurs, (Ok, who am I kidding – how about two food loving gluttons…) instead we would save the expected monthly spend on dinning out and spend it when we caught up once or twice a year. Past diners club highlights have included degustations at Aria and Est. in Sydney, Momo’s in Melbourne, and some nice steaks at Rockpools, Vlados and Grill on the Hill. This time we found ourselves with over $2500 in the kitty (Which would grow to over $3500 by Nov). Two sub $600 flights to Tokyo later and Shane and I will be on our way to Tokyo for two nights in November to hit up a couple of 3 Michelin starred establishments. Anyway, I’ll make sure I blog about our foodie adventures when the time comes – however, we are currently in the planning stages. What better way to plan than over a burger I say. So Shane drops by and off to Tuckshop we go.
First impressions and this place is tiny – one table and a couple of bars to sit at – Good thing it was only 5:00pm on a Tuesday. We both ordered the combo which comes with a “Minor” burger, soda, cuts and tart. To translate – The Minor comes with Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, onions, pickles and tuckshop sauce. We both added bacon and egg. The cuts are amazing little chips – more like the left over bits you get sometimes at the bottom of the box – the ones get fried a couple of times and are crispy golden goodness – I want more right now! I got the homemade cream soda – again amazing, and the tart at the end! Wow wee, everything on my plate (Well I should say school canteen tray) was just quality, delicious, amazing, fantastic, good value, goodness from start to finish.
The Burger – oh such burgery goodness – I wanted to stand up and say – God damn, this is a tasty burger… But I was too busy shoving into my mouth to speak. So Much for planning the trip. Anyway, to describe the burger to those of you playing at home. The bun is a nicely toasted light brioche style affair, soft and giving to the touch, but a nice crunch where it counts. The first bite is sensational, the patty is cooked medium, juicy and beefy, it combines well with the sweet mustardy sauce, I’m sure there’s a dash of mayo in there but what other magical ingredients – I’m not sure. The Pickle cuts through and works well with the sweetness of the sauce and bun, the bacon adds a smokey note and the lettuce, tomato and onion add freshness – simple but it works. The egg is cooked so that it’s still slightly runny and the yolk mixes with the sauce and the melted cheese to create a luscious saucy burger. The fingers do get messy during this burger – make sure you lean forward. This is seriously a damn good burger – I finished and then immediately wanted another one. In the immortal words of Arnie – I’ll be back! I give it a 9.

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  1. Shane B says:

    It was much more than expected from an unassuming little place! I concur with everything Andrew said. I had the lemonade and it was old school awesome. Everything is home made old school and delicious! I am glad I am not close to it otherwise it would be there far too much!

  2. Brain Swell says:

    I live 5 minutes away…I’m screwed.

  3. Kev says:

    These guys are ex Fat Duck and possibly why it is sooooo good??!!

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