Lazy Flamingo – 16501 Stringfellow Rd, Bokeelia, FL – USA

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Burger Hunt, Grouper Sandwich
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Grouper LF1
Another Grouper Sandwich in paradise – my life really sucks… Yep, I can feel your pity. Anyway, so we “forgot” to bring the steaks from home to cook for dinner down at Kathy and Macs condo in Bokeelia on Pine Island Florida. What a shame… As a consequence, we had to walk around the corner to the local, a sea shanty style place called Lazy Flamingo. I’ve been here a few times before, so I know the place is pretty good value. Decided I’d shout the in-laws dinner, nice move since this place is cheap 😉 Ok, in comparison to Australia EVERYWHERE is cheap, so it’s always a win.

We were all pretty hungry after the 4 and half hour drive from Deland to Bokeelia so it was no surprise when Mac ordered a full size plate of fried oysters to start, along with some smoked fish dip. I’ll leave any kind of smoked fish dip alone (Not my thing), so we can move on from that one. And I was skeptical about the fried oyster idea, however the big pile of golden oyster nuggets that came out on a bed of delicious fries lasted all of about 5 minutes. We demolished those tasty little gems. The fried oysters were breaded in a lightly spicy coating, which still allowed for a very subtle oyster flavour to come though, dipped in cocktail sauce or Tartar sauce – just lovely. Definitely getting these again.

But lets talk about the mains –  I toyed with the idea of getting a burger, however, since I had indulged in a five guys burger for lunch, I felt I could probably go with out a burger for dinner. Instead, I went way out of my comfort zone and got a Grouper Sandwich… Ok, so not the most creative choice, but I know they make them good here so, you know… Anyway, the Grouper Sandwich came out hot and fresh. I like they way they set it up, with the lettuce, Vidalia onions and pickles skewered to the top part of the bun and one large fried slab of Grouper on the bottom side ready to combine burger style. I also really like the fact that both halves of the bun were generously “buttered” with Tartar sauce. The bun was a really soft, a bit like what we would call a damper roll back home – it worked really well with the hot fried Grouper, compressing around all the elements and holding everything together. This was a quality Grouper Sandwich – well prepared, good quality ingredients. Very good. The only downside was that the Grouper probably wasn’t the best quality Grouper I’ve ever had. Overall though – I’d give this place a highly recommended.

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  1. J.Phillips says:

    Grouper is a delicious fish, having actually had it in Savannah I can really say this, however isn’t there another fish that can be used for fish burgers/sandwiches? Just asking.

    • Um… probably. I’ve had Mahi Mahi, I’ve had flake and Barra back home. Hard to get it right. Can’t be to delicate because it flakes apart. You also don’t want it to be too mushy or too fishy or too… you get my drift. You want that goldilocks zone. And grouper is just right.

  2. Roger says:

    As a maths teacher I grind my teeth at you not giving these a proper score outa ten

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