Berts Bar & Grill – 4271 Pine Island Rd NW, Matlache, FL – USA

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Burger Hunt, Grouper Sandwich
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My fondest Grouper Sandwich memory is from Berts Bar & Grill in Matlacha. A couple of years ago on the trip back from Bokeelia going up to Kathy and Mac’s in Deland, Katie and I stopped in Matlacha – which is this quaint little fishing town on an island between Pine island and the mainland. There’s a bunch of eccentric little boutiques and galleries, a few ice cream places, a couple of restaurants, and Berts. Berts is located on the water – it’s a Bar that has a deck out back, usually with some live music playing, a great spot to stop for some refreshments. They also serve pretty simple yet tasty, unpretentious food. The kind that usually comes in a basket or on disposable plates. Anyway, I just remember the Grouper Sandwich I had that time, the freshest Grouper, cooked to perfection – it’s the Grouper sandwich I hope to get every time I order a Grouper sandwich…

So, on the drive back from our little trip out to Fort Myers today, I had the opportunity to once again sample the food at Berts. An afternoon wondering around the Ford and Edison estate and getting my fill of history in the museums, had worked up a fair appetite. After an order of cool refreshing beverages (It was pretty hot – 94F I think today), we ordered our meals. Katie and I ordered the Beach bread with Shrimp for the appetizer and then I got a Grouper sandwich – fried, and Katie got the Philly Cheese steak. I had flip flopped about getting the burger, which looked really good, but at the end of the day, how could I go past the Grouper sandwich?? Anyway, so the Beach Bread came out quickly – not bad. Cheesey bread with shrimp meat added on top, you can’t really go wrong, but a bit pricey at just over 10 bucks with tax – probably should have gone the wings… Well anyway, we wolfed that down quick smart and then my wait for the Grouper Sandwich of legend began. I’m sure the lovely waitress refilled our soda’s 5 times, I was drinking them about as fast as she could refill them!

After what seemed like hours (But was probably 10 minutes max) the moment arrived – and I almost wish it hadn’t. From the moment I saw the sandwich I knew it wouldn’t come close to the sandwich from my memories. The bun was a little doughy and probably not the freshest, ok, but just felt like it had come out of a bag from the supermarket after sitting on the shelf for a couple of days.


The Grouper was over cooked and again not the freshest fish I’ve had this trip, even the lettuce and tomato had seen better days – and the Tarter sauce had started to split a little… Oh the disappointment. Katie’s meal was great, and my house made chips were good. The Grouper Sandwich? Not so great, in fact I’d say the bottom of the bunch I’ve had this trip. Such a disappointment because I had really looked forward to Berts pretty much the entire trip. Oh well – what is it they say? C’est la vie…

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