Nevermind, Awesome Bar and Eatery – 927 E. Cape Coral Pkwy, Cape Coral, FL – USA

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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That’s more like it America – I’ve been waiting for a burger that would make me smile with my mouth full. Thanks to Nevermind, awesome bar and eatery, I finally had a burger that made me think – mmm this is a tasty burger. Ok, so let me explain how I happened to find myself on a hot Sunday afternoon, alone, in a bar in Cape Coral, Burger in hand, stupid smile on my face. I had gone out for diner With Katie and the in-laws at a place called Reds fresh seafood house (I’ll write up the blog post for reds soon) in Bokeelia and during the course of a lovely meal, Mac had struck up a conversation with the waiter – Shaun – and somehow we had drifted on to a conversation about burgers. Shaun mentioned that a place in Cape Coral, about 40 mins away, did amazing burgers. With a hot tip like this I just had to make this happen. Fast forward to Sunday and with everyone else either off fishing or napping I decided the time was ripe to make a break for it and get myself a sneaky little afternoon Burger. 40 minutes later I was sitting at the bar ordering a Bitch’n Triple Bacon Burger. The Burger is pretty pricey by American Standards, $14, although it also comes with Parmesan fries (Amazingly good). I ordered my Burger medium, and then waited for it to come out. 10 long minutes later, the cherry-wood triple smoked bacon, double meat and cheese burger arrived.


It was cut in half and presented as pictured with the two cut sides sitting in a pool of ketchup. The bacon was sticking invitingly out the top in a sort – “hello boys” kinda fashion, Oh that cheeky bacon… The bun seemed like it was pressed, or like they had used the heel of two buns, either way, it created an interesting bread to beef ratio that really worked. The bread was fresh and soft and simply framed the burger instead of dominating the burger like some buns can.The meat was oozing juice, quality beef, cooked medium, delicious and beefy, the cheese was melted American cheddar, and the bacon… Oh the Bacon. This is the Bacon you dream of. Cherry wood triple smoked bacon. Smokey, salty, meaty, crispy, deliciousy… Ok so I added one too many y’s. But you get the picture. Finally the burger was sauced generously with Ketchup – that’s it. A simple burger, absolutely nailed. This is what I want when I think of a Bacon cheese burger. And to Nevermind’s chef (Who I watched cook this meaty magic marvel), well played sir!! I give it a 8.5.

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  1. J.Phillips says:

    Don’t understand the pictures. Top one looks like a burger the one in your hand looks like a sloppy Joe!

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