Half Wall Beer House – 105 W Indiana Ave DeLand, FL – USA

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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A nice sports bar with about 500 HD screens showing non-stop sports – OK not 500 screens, but it seems like every spare nook and/or cranny (What is a cranny by the way? Or nook for that matter…) has a huge HD screen on it. You can pretty much watch any sport your heat desires here. From curling to hurling I guess. Katie and I got excited to see that they even had AFL football playing on one screen – my sport of choice. Then we saw it was a GWS game (Australian Joke!). They also have a whole wall of beer on tap – I guess that’s where the name comes from? Anyway, my father-in-law had suggested Half wall, so obviously it was great. guess I can just end it there. I don’t argue with Mac – The guy is 6’4″ and an ex- Gator offensive line football player, and my father-in-law, obviously. It is wise to agree with him, smile and nod… Just kidding 😉
But seriously, any recommendation from a man who surely has had his fair share of American Burgers over that last 50 odd year is well worth investigating.

Somehow the idea to stop for the burger was my wife’s idea – perhaps those subliminal messages I’ve been sending her have been doing the trick. I played it cool and responded “sure darling, what ever you feel like.” I was hoping that she didn’t change her mind. Thankfully, it all worked out and she was none the wiser.


So, the burger at Half wall – it’s a half pounder, not small by any stretch. A true two hander. Pretty standard type American pub burger – it comes open, with the cheese and bacon on the patty on one side and the lettuce, tomato and onion on the other side. You sauce the burger yourself. I ordered mayonnaise, then used the ketchup and mustard on the table to make my own burger sauce. There was no pickle. NO pickle. I was not amused… Apart from that little issue, the burger was clearly a high quality burger, good quality chuck beef, nice bacon, I chose American Cheddar, which was melted nicely, salty, smokey bacon on top. The tomato, onion and lettuce I squished on top of all of that and then added my sauces to the bun. The bun was a nice soft white bread, did the job, although as usual, a little sweet for my taste. The meat was good but under seasoned, so unfortunately it lacked for full flavour, although it was cooked medium which was nice for a change. I’d like to try this again, it had the elements of a really good pub burger, however, it needs a pickle, and they need to season the meat. I give it a 7 – good, but not quite great.

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