Rounds Premium Burgers – 8871 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, LA, USA

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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The choose your own adventure of the burger world – Burger Rounds has a couple of locations around LA, but since I was staying in West Hollywood walking distance from the Burger rounds on Santa Monica, well, honestly it would have been rude of me not to at least go in just to have a look…

After a long hot day in LA of traipsing through the various tourist traps  I decided to reward myself with a sneaky afternoon burger. There would be a another burger adventure for dinner as well, but lets just keep that between us OK?

So, anyway, Rounds advertised that they had won some awards or something, and the photo’s looked good, and I was tired and sun-burnt and thirsty so the next thing I know, I’m at the counter ordering a burger. Too much information on the menu for my tired and exhausted mind to process. I didn’t know what to get. I didn’t know what combinations where the best. Ahhhhhh, I stuffed it all up. That’s right, I ordered a burger WITHOUT bacon!!!! shit. I’m so upset I just swore. Shit. I did it again – that’s how strongly I feel about this. I know I didn’t get the right burger, but that’s the danger of the chose your own menu. Mistakes can and will happen. Possibly worse mistakes than mine. Imagine if you will, a burger without cheese – NO, don’t do that. I’m sorry I mentioned that. There’s no place for talk like that in civilised society. I apologise and beg forgiveness.
Ok, so I think I ordered the following burger –  step one: Single fresh ground chuck patty,  step two: chipotle aioli, Step three:  tomato, pickle chips, red onions and shredded lettuce,  Step four: Monterrey jack cheese and step six: the fresh bun. It was step 5 that I screwed up. Ah, step 5 how you will haunt me… For some reason I missed it, it is here you order the bacon. Bacon, Damn. Anyway, the burger came our quite quickly, I barely had a chance to sip my Dr Pepper. With a burger this quick there’s no way they rested the meat, and yes it oozed juice everywhere… I ordered mine medium so it was pretty juicy indeed. The bun was interesting, glazed, soft, golden brown, but far too sweet for my palate. Very much like a croissant, very buttery but also quite sweet.  I guess I just don’t have an American palate… When combined with the under seasoned burger patty and a lack of salt from any bacon, the overall effect was a very sweet, light burger. Even the cheese was sweetish. The chipotle aioli was very mild – I really wanted more punch here. This burger hardly touched the sides and 30 minutes later I didn’t even feel like I had had a burger. I guess this would make it the ideal afternoon sneaky burger in some ways… But it left me wanting more, too sweet, the pickles were the saving grace, they added a sharpness that cut through the cakeyness of the burger, otherwise it would have almost been a dessert burger. I know if I got the combination of ingredients right I am sure they would make a good burger – but don’t leave it up to me – stupid Joe public, tell me what the chef thinks is good – he’s the expert. I’d give this burger a 7, but I think with the right guidance and the right combination of elements, I’m pretty sure we’d have a 8+ on our hands here.

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