Fast food burgers in the USA

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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No burger hunt in the USA is complete without a trip to a fast food burger joint. Obviously for the sake of research I made a number of trips to various burger franchises – the things I do for research… Generally my list of top burger franchises in the states is topped by places like Wendy’s, In and out burger and Checkers. I spent one trip eating nothing but take out – a bit like super size me, and yes I did get a bit sick… This time around I only had a few opportunities for the fast food burger and I thought I’d discuss some of them here.

First stop was Fuddruckers – worlds greatest hamburgers –


I stopped here in Dallas Fort Worth at the airport as I was waiting for a connecting flight. Not bad, you order the burger, and you get cooked elements presented on an open bun and then you add the fresh elements and sauces yourself at a food station. I like the idea because you can make sure that all the salad elements are fresh and I get to add more pickles!! I ordered the a 1/2lb works which is Smokehouse bacon, American cheese and grilled mushrooms. Unfortunately the burger patty wasn’t great, more steamed than grilled, and so it had a flaccid, grey kind of look. Taste wise, not bad overall, the fact that I controlled half the burger toppings meant that at least I got it the way I wanted, the downside was that after a 15hr flight it as a bit much for my tired brain to take in.

Five guys –


Another quick stop, Katie and I were on the road from DeLand down to Bokeelia on Pine Island near Fort Myer. Katie’s best friend from New York, Melissa had mentioned that Five Guys do a good solid burger. This is another choose your own adventure type burger, so for the uninitiated it can be rather daunting. Once again I stuffed up and didn’t get the right mix (Grilled Mushrooms? Don’t do it…) – I know this because I went back to another Five Guys in West Hollywood and got the right mix of ingredients and was VERY happy. They do a very good burger, the patty is good, everything is fresh, the let down is the bun – too small for the double patty with bacon and cheese and it always falls apart by the end.

Wendy’s –


I’m just going to put it out there – the baconator just might be one of my all time favourite burgers. Please Wendy’s come to Australia – we need you, I need you. Why have you forsaken us, what have we done to deserve this??? Sorry, I just need to get a hold of myself… anyway, Wendy’s burgers are different, you get a square patty, which makes sense from a production point of view and doesn’t seem to detract from the burger in anyway. I had a double on the new pretzel bun with Bacon and cheese – always hits the spot. Polished it off which a huge Dr Pepper – their large is over 1lt in size.

I also did McDonalds and Burger King – but since we have these at home I won’t bother writing them up and I didn’t bother to get a photo.

You can’t rate these burgers up against a restaurant burger – they are two completely different beasts. On the one hand you have mass produced, fast food, and on the other hand you have made to order, fresh, professionally created burgers. I would say though, that Five Guys would come close to a lot of the burgers I’ve tried – it’s a quality burger, but it’s priced a bit higher than the others, so you would expect that. Regardless – all the burgers hit the spot. You won’t go wrong with any of these options


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