Ripponlea Food and Wine – 15 Glen Eira Rd Ripponlea – VIC

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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First Burger since I’ve been back in Australia after my trip to the USA – it’s always going to be a challenge to live up to the amazing burgers that I’ve sampled over the last few weeks. Chris suggested that we catch up for a burger at some stage during the week and since I was starting to come out of my jetlag haze I decided that a mid week burger was just what the doctor ordered. I drive past past Ripponlea food and wine pretty much everyday after work, I’ve always associated it as a breakfast place – I’m not sure why… I’ve never really considered it as an option for dinner, until I overheard someone mention that they do pretty good burgers…After a quick Google search, it appeared that they did in fact offer what looked like a pretty reasonable burger. I made a reservation and Chris and I went off for an early evening burger in Ripponlea. The place is quite small, and there’s not a lot of tables so Chris and I had to sit up at the window, which was actually quite nice – looking outside on a crisp winter’s evening, warming ourselves with a good burger – nice way to fight off the chill. Obviously, we both ordered the burgers, which on the menu are described as a “Wagyu beef burger with mustard, crispy bacon, tomato, cornichons & smoked cheddar 7 side fries” $24.90. There’s a deal if you come for lunch on Thursday – the burgers are $19 I think. Not the cheapest burger in the world, but pretty standard for a Wagyu burger I guess. Both Chris and I were concerned by the absence of any mention of the bun – but we need not have worried, the bun was a nice light Brioche, pretty standard in most burger places around Melbourne these days. When the burger arrived I was a little worried – it was that annoying size between a burger and a slider – however the patty was quite substantial so it didn’t leave me hungry. The meat was cooked to a medium, almost medium rare, prefect, juicy quite pink. There was also a lightness to the patty that we felt came from possibly the addition of parsley and tarragon – a very refined light and fresh taste that was really interesting. The Bacon was very good, crispy and salty, it added the fat to the burger along with the cheddar which was melted over the bacon and patty encasing the burger. I didn’t really get any smokiness from the cheddar, and in fact both Chris and I though the cheese was gruyere and not cheddar, nutty rather than smokey.


This wasn’t a heavy greasy burger, but rather a really refined and fresh, exceptional well executed burger. I quite liked the direction that they’ve gone with this burger, however I think that it’s going to polarise some burger aficionados. I’d give it an 8.5, but I know that with the herbaceous back notes, some people will be put off. Definitely give it a try if you are in the area, but keep an open mind.

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