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Posted: August 6, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Well, I had to give it another shot – I ordered a burger at the ‘Wick… I know what you must be thinking – but I feel I should put this into perspective, there has been a noted improvement in the quality of the meals coming out of the kitchen at the ‘Wick over the last few months. Honestly. And I reckon the fact that they’re no longer using frozen pre-packaged chicken schnitzels from Coles for the parmas might just have something to do with it… To be fair, the steaks are generally quite good, especially for the price. Unfortunately in the past, the same could not be said for the burgers – however, I was willing to give them one more shot. So I wandered up to the bar on Monday before Trivia and ordered the burger – The burger at the bar comes with bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a toasted bun with a side of chips and salad. It’s not a small burger so it’s reasonable value for $14. For some reason they decided to only give me 7 chips, perhaps a value judgement on the fact that I might have put on a pound or two in the past few months with this burger challenge? Also for some unknown reason there was no cheese on my burger – now I didn’t realise this was a mistake until Dave’s burger came out with cheese on it and what appeared to be the rest of my chips??? Oh well, at least my salad was dressed – winning! The burger itself is a pretty basic sort – the bun is standard white bread, a little bit of a crust, but fairly soft and fresh – a bit too much bread to burger in my opinion, and probably not a custom made burger bun if we are really being critical. The salad elements were fairly plain, the bacon was nice and crispy and there was a fair whack of creamy aioli which kept the burger feeling fairly moist – I could have added tomato sauce like Dave did but clearly I was off my game and didn’t;t think of it. The patty once again was the prefabricated type – a lot of filler and as a result it comes out a little bit like a sausage, however it was cooked well and had some of the flavours of the grill. All told, I’d say Dave have the better of the two burgers – he enjoyed his and I thought mine was ok. Look lets be honest here – this is no gastropub gourmet hand ground Wagyu beef burger, toped with exotic condiments and dished up on a brioche bun served with thrice cooked chips paired with a juicy bold Zin from Napa- but it’s also not $25! It’s an honest, Aussie pub burger that does the job and fills you up. I’d give the ‘Wick burger a 4 – and Dave’s version of the burger a 4.5 (He got cheese on his and added the tomato sauce) . This is quite a step up from the 3.5 I had rated the ‘Wick burger earlier in the year – Ok, not a ringing endorsement of the burger, and not one that I’d go out of my way to recommend. But, if I really wanted a burger and I was at the ‘Wick… Well, I might just order it again… Maybe. Alright – actually, like I said last time, I’d probably find it really difficult to go past the always reliable Parma or the fairly decent steaks – both for the same price. Either way, at least the food here has improved.

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  1. Amber Medley says:

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    After reading this, I think I need some burger.

  2. I can’t help but feel you might be somewhat misleading people here. Unless you HAVE to IE: You are attending trivia or an evil wizard puts a curse on you and you cannot leave the Wick. DO NOT eat there. Yes the food as improved and is now edible. But this is like saying “Good news! I don’t have Ebola! I now only have Cancer.” The steak can be ok for the money but it varies. Sometimes dramatically. To my mind they have their shit together now only in the fact that they are now consistently churning out only moderately disappointing meals and the staff have stopped being actively rude. I have yet to forgive them for the many terrible meals that I have had there.

    • Ok – I can see your point. It has been terrible in the past, but now I think it’s ok. The point is it has improved – got to give positive feedback in the hope that they will continue to see the light!

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