Abbey Road – 131 Acland St St Kilda – VIC

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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A spur of the moment dinning adventure with Katie led us to Abbey Road in St Kilda. We had been driving around town for a while as Katie has expressed the urgent need for some Thai food, unfortunately since it was quite early, all the places we drove past just didn’t seem to have a good “vibe” or meet some other undisclosed criteria that Katie was using to judge the appropriateness of the restaurants . After half an hour of this, I politely suggested that we might try Acland street in St.Kilda. Thankfully Katie agreed with my suggestion after 20 minutes of thinking it through…

Possibly because of the fact that we were both rather ravenous by this stage, we picked the first restaurant we walked past that wasn’t a francise or take-away place.  Abbey Road – named after one of my favourite albums – the timeless Abbey Road by the Beatles – we figured that with a name like that, surely it must be great place for a feed. We walked in a sat ourselves – it’s a big place and I don’t think the waiter noticed us, but we were served pretty quickly. We decided to jump straight into it and order our mains – no messing about tonight. Katie ordered a baked potato with Chilli, sour cream and cheese for the rather expensive price of $24! Although it must be said that it did come with a side garden salad, and I ordered the Abbey Road burger in an attempt to keep the costs down – although at $23 this wasn’t all that cheap either… StKilda in general is fairly expensive but this seemed a bit over priced to be honest. I had also ordered a light beer but for some reason they served me a full strength beer – no big deal in this case but really, that’s not cool if you’re driving and if you didn’t notice. Anyway, we didn’t have to wait too long for the food to arrive – the potato looked pretty good, however they had forgotten the cheese – I mentioned this to the waitress and they quickly brought over a little bowl of grated cheese so no problem there – and the salad that came with the baked potato was pretty decent as well – Katie quite enjoyed the meal, but we both felt it was probably a good $5 over priced at least. My burger was a fairly decent size with a generous side of thick cut chips – although I’d have to say that the chips were the “straight out of the packet” frozen variety – served with a side of generic tomato sauce. My burger was interesting, advertised as “juicy beef patty, cheese, caramelised onions, bacon, egg, pineapple, mushroom, lettuce and tomato” it had the feel of a local pub kind of burger. Very Australian feel, not like a fast food or American burger. Actually, if anything, it was similar in taste and feel to a fish and chip shop burger more than anything else. It arrived on a white bread roll that could have come from bakery section of Coles next door, the frozen preformed patty was not particularly juicy but tasted ok, although it had too much filler and had that sausage like texture. The egg was nicely cooked, still slightly running, which worked with the onions and bacon really nicely. The grilled pineapple was a nice touch, however I think they should drop the mushrooms. The lack of pickles and sauces really gives a plain, flat overall flavour which whilst inoffensive, is so bland that an hour later you have completely forgotten what the burger tasted like – A forgettable burger if ever there was one. I’d give it a 5 – Not really a place to go for a burger.

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