Saintly – 81 Ormond Rd Elwood – VIC

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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I love it when I stumble upon a good local burger joint – it’s like I’m Mel Fisher and I’ve discovered the sunken Spanish treasure ship… Ok, maybe not to that extent, but still, I was pretty chuffed this afternoon when my walk led me past the newly updated Saintly (Previously the Elwood Urban burger). Saintly advertise as a healthy burger joint – and I’m guess if you order one of the chicken burgers or perhaps a vegie burger then sure – healthy? But chips and a cheese burger? Lets not beat around the bush, burgers are not healthy – perhaps these burgers are relatively healthy when compared to other burgers? But honestly, I’m not going to choose a burger based on it’s purported health merits – I’m all about flavour (And thankfully these burgers deliver in that department! – healthy or not).

Anyway, so this burger wasn’t actually my idea (honestly) – Katie and I were out walking in the crisp early evening and somehow, unplanned, we walked past Saintly. Katie suggested that perhaps we could just grab a burger for dinner. I felt her suggestion was reasonable and so we went inside for a look at the menu. The menu looked pretty good and the prices reasonable and so we ordered a couple of burgers and some chips. I chose the Hero – which comes with, Bacon, cheese, tomato, red onion, lettuce, tomato relish, aioli, and Dijon mustard – I added pickles and ordered it on the brioche bun about $14 I think with the addition of the brioche bun. Katie got the double cheese burger – which is actually double cheese, not double beef, Ketchup, American mustard and pickles – again on the brioche bun – I think about $11 for Katie’s burger.

Both burgers came out after about 10minutes and I have to say were well worth the wait – The buns are a light, soft Brioche, not cakey and not particularly sweet – a great burger bun. The patties were cooked to perfection, pink and juicy in the centre and charred nicely on the outside. The beef is clearly a high quality leaner meat, well seasoned – these needed to be medium due to the lower fat content, but the result was a juicy, really strong beefy flavoured patty. As a side note, these patties are the prefect size for a double – and I’m going have to give this a shot over the weekend just for the sake of research… My burger came with bacon which was delicious and crispy with a smoky note from the grill. The Dijon mustard was a brilliant addition – it worked so well with the beefy patty and the smokey bacon. The tomato chutney and aioli were a nice addition which worked well to add moisture to the burger. The salad elements were ok – although I’m not convinced of the merits of the oakleaf lettuce, I prefer the traditional iceberg… But honestly I’m trying to find things to be critical of, the fact is that this was a damn good burger – I left smiling and feeling full. I’m happy to give this burger a solid 8 as I will most certainly be back. Oh and the fact that the bloke who owns the place decided to have a friendly chat with us after we finished our burgers and was genuinely interested in out opinions and clearly cared about his burgers makes a huge difference. Just another reason why I love living in Elwood!

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