Babu Bar Burger With Balls – 156 Chapel St Windsor – VIC

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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It’s not often that I don’t finish a burger – but on this occasion there was more than one reason why there was a wedge of burger left sitting pathetically on my plate –  and no desire on my behalf to make an attempt to finish it off…

I wanted a quick and easy burger as this time around it was just me on the burger hunt. Damo had suggested Babu Burger and mentioned that they had a place on Chapel street in Windsor- I’d also heard that they have a delivery service so I was keen to give their burgers a shot, just in case I need an emergency burger delivery at some stage in the future. So off I went for a Sunday afternoon drive to Chapel street – making my way to Babu burger – situated not far from many of my old haunts and not far from the location of my old favourite, but now deceased (May she rest in peace), Pub – the Duke of Windsor… Anyway, enough with the nostalgia, lets get to the burgers. As I walked in, I was greeted as hoped, by an empty bar – it was 4pm so I figured this would enable me to get a decent burger as quickly as possible. I made my way to the register and this is when it all became a little bit difficult. It’s one of those choose your own adventure type menus, with a ridiculous amount of options (As an Australian I am unaccustomed to choice and generally find it difficult to deal with…). I really had to think my way though it all, but eventually I ordered – a 220g Large patty cooked medium ($12.90) with, cheese (+$1), bacon (+$1.8) and egg (+$0.80) – all burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. You also get three types of sauce on the side – a pink mayo, Spicy BBQ and Heinz Ketchup in the little sachets. I hate it when I have to sauce my own burger but whatever – it is what it is. I also got a can of coke and a large chips – so my total was $24.20 – not exactly cheap. The burger took a little while to come out – but eventually it arrive in a big paper bag.


I was fairly excited to open my “present”, however I forced myself to wait until I made it back to the car. It was interesting to see how they had packed the burger – as you can see the hot elements were on one half – protected by the cardboard ring and then the salad elements where on the other half – quite a clever way of packing the burger so that it is “optimised” for delivery – makes sense, as you don’t want the salad elements such as the lettuce getting soggy on the delivery drive.


I can also see why they don’t sauce the burger beforehand – this is so the bun retains it’s structural integrity. Getting the burger home I unpacked and then proceeded to construct the burger. I had to take off the salad to sauce that side of the bun, I used the pink mayo and the ketchup.


I then put it all back together and was impressed by the size of the thing – a huge burger. It was going to be difficult to eat! The bun – which is a standard white bread, sesame seeded bun, held up well to the transit time and was soft and spongy, yet still strong enough to withstand the trials and tribulations of being squashed and squeezed whilst I tried to get my teeth around this thing. The egg was cooked nicely and was dripping it’s yolk all over the burger adding a sauciness and making it generally difficult to eat without making a mess – always a good sign in my books. So far, it had all the hallmarks of a good burger – but it was after the first bite that I realised that it wasn’t going to live up to my first impressions. The problem was the patty – they advertise the patty as being “100% fresh, steak quality VIC beef, ground daily and hand made in the restaurant”. Now that’s great, and I wish they had just left it at 100% beef – however it wasn’t, there was clearly a bucket load of seeded mustard in there, you could see the seeds, there also seemed to be some other spices such as cumin aside from your usual salt and pepper.


The overall taste was slightly sour – possibly because of the seeded mustard – I have a feeling that they use a pre-prepared mustard which quite often has sugar and vinegar along with the mustard seeds. The beef was also quite chewy – which was weird because I could see any gristle, but it had a slightly rubbery texture. Although I must say it was cooked to medium as requested. It was this texture and the slightly sour note that just built up as I was eating it and put me off. By the end I just didn’t want any more. Quite disappointed with this one – I’d give it a 5 –  I like the fact that they have set it up quite cleverly for delivery – if they can get the patty right then this could be a great idea…

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  1. Sadly I know your pain all too well, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’ve been here and it was terrible. The patty isn’t good meat and I agree it tastes sour, to me the sourness was the kind you get with old meat although it might be spices I suppose.I thought that I might have just got a bad night but clearly this is how they do things. I’d never go back now. Their onion rings are also terrible.

  2. Chris says:

    Just shut the f*** up and tell me what was wrong. Don’t tell me about which friend told you about what, or how much was left on your plate. Just get to the point, you bald baboon. So frustrating.

    • Thanks for the feedback Christina. Although the point of my blog is about the adventure. Normally my ramblings conclude with a summary and a score if that helps. Hope you don’t mind i edited your comment as i try to avoid swearing if i can.

  3. Paul says:

    Well that comment was uncalled for by Christina. I’ve never been to this burger place and based on the attitude and demener of this staff member I never will.
    Poor language equals poor character.

  4. Paul says:

    Oh it was just a pleb who hates reading. My mistake.
    Christina can suck it still ha!

  5. Hey Paul – there’s no telling where Christina is from. Perhaps she stumbled upon my blog looking for a quick review and 15mns later still didn’t know what I was on about. Now that would be enraging/amusing. I can take a little bit of “feedback” lol.

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