Heads & Tails – 112 Ormond Rd Elwood Elwood – VIC

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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I noticed Heads & Tails from across the road whilst I was out and about on my early evening walk with Katie – both of us were feeling pretty tired and even though we were standing in front of the supermarket – neither of us could be bothered going through the process of buying food, taking it home, cooking, cleaning – oh god the list never ends. Serious first world problems I know… Obviously the answer these types of problems and in fact, to all of life’s problems is Burger. So the decision was made to seek one out. My first response was Saintly down the road a bit, but I’ve been there, and even though I know it’s amazing I really wanted to try out something new… Across the road was a shiny looking place called Heads & Tails – and this place really looks the part – it’s a modern, fancy looking fish’n’chip shop. More fish and chip bar than shop. Anyway – they had a burger on the menu so in I went. And I wish I hadn’t… I ordered the burger with the lot – which means, lettuce, cheese  caramalised onion, egg, bacon, beef patty and tomato sauce – a standard fish and chip shop burger. I also added pineapple, because I was feeling adventurous and some of their home made aioli.

Unfortunately, the burger was a bit of a disaster truth be told – mainly because the plain white bread bun was either stale, burnt or a bit of both – it was a bit of both, lets be honest. They had toasted it on both sides so all that  meant was that the whole thing crumbled up and fell apart.


The patty tasted “sausagey” and was overcooked , the egg was dead, although the bacon was actually good and grilled pineapple was nice. but still – not a lot of wins for this burger. At least the chips were nice… I’d give the burger a 4.5. Go to saintly instead if you want a burger on Ormond road – I know I will. Look, I’m sure their fish and chips are better – they certainly looked pretty good and the fish looks really fresh, just not a fan of their burgers.

Heads & Tails Elwood on Urbanspoon

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