Ziggys Eatery – 195 Carlisle St Balaclava – VIC

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Burger Hunt, Uncategorized
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It seems as though Monday has replaced Friday as the burger night of choice for me. Not exactly sure why, but it seems like a pretty good way to start the week. Hell, every night can be burger night because, well, burger… Anyway, so Chris and I had liaised throughout the day shooting around ideas for a burger – there was some added pressure due to the run of pretty average burgers (And by that I mean some downright poor burgers) that had been consumed in the past month or so. This time around some proper research was conducted before the venue was selected. We settled on Ziggys because of the very high urban spoon rating and that rather tasty looking photos. Their website wasn’t much chop and almost put me off – but don’t worry, this place is worth a visit. Chris and I both ordered burgers – obviously – however, Chris opted for the special Cheeseburger (with added bacon) option, whilst I couldn’t go past the “Recovery” burger. Double beef, Double bacon, Double cheese… how could I say no?? I made it a meal with some added chips and a can of coke. Incidentally, their chips are cracking good, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle – good solid chunky chips. But enough about the potato right, lets talk beef and bun. All burgers are served on a light brioche bun, nicely coated with sesame seeds, a soft to the touch bun with an ever so slight sweet taste. This paired well with their special sauce which has a nice heat to it, and the caramelised onion which added sugary/savoury note. The double lashings of bacon added a nice saltiness and the tomato and fancy lettuce played their part in freshening it all up.


Of course, Ziggys wins no points from me for the lack of pickle, I still think its a compulsory addition to any burger… However they do win some points for the patties –  The beef is quality beef, well seasoned and cooked to a medium well – a very slight pink was present – which kept the patty nice and juicy. My one criticism was that the cheese wasn’t melted, as you can see in the photo – it’s still quite hard. I think it adds to the burger if you put the cheese on while you rest the meat allowing the juices to flow back into the patty and the cheese then acts to keep it all in – A small point, but I think it certainly makes a difference.

Both Chris and I did agree that our burgers very quite good – Chris was of the opinion that his Cheeseburger would work brilliantly as an “after the pub/big night out kind of burger”. His had a melted cheese sauce with a slight peppery back note – quite nice by all reports. We both felt pleased with our burgers after they had settled and agreed that if we had just stumbled in on a night out, these burgers would certainly add to a pleasant experience. I’d give Ziggys a 7.5.

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