Budapest Restaurant and Palinka Bar – 273 Glen Huntly Rd Elsternwick – VIC

Posted: August 30, 2014 in Schnitzel challenge
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Thursday night is a great time to get on down to Budapest on Glen Huntly Rd  and sample a rustic goulash or one of their plate filling schnitzels. And by plate filling I mean a big plate, over flowing with schnitzel goodness, served with a side of peasant potatoes. They have a special “happy hour” menu all night on Thursday where you can get cheap beer and $16 schnitzels and goulash. Great value, and I can report that I have put away a schnitzel or three over the past few years that I’ve lived just down the road from this fine establishment. Their schnitzels are pretty good – however, you need to get a sauce with them as they can be a little dry otherwise. I really like the nokedli (little flour and egg dumplings smothered in butter and salt and served with a side of paprika sauce – If you know Spätzle, then it’s essentially same thing from a deffernt region with a different name…), but you can only get a salad or peasant potatoes with the special. And the sauce costs $4 – although it’s enough for two really if you don’t completely drown your schnitzel. Anyway, my move is to order the nokedli, which comes with a small side of paprika sauce as part of the side, and then I feel as though I get my side and the sauce that I wanted – without paying for both. #winning!

Budapest also do a really good stuffed schnitzel –   Honestly, the Eye Fillet Stroganoff with a side of nokedli  is my meal of choice when I go here, but it’s a bit on the pricy side ($32.50) when you are comparing it with the $16 special. My wife usually gives me that “look” when I suggest the stroganoff might be good, and so I usually just get one of the choices off the happy hour menu – I guess since I’m pretty broke these days I have to stick to the tight arse Thursday happy hour specials. I know, my life is terrible! Oh woe is me… Anyway, if you are looking for some good value, hearty fare – get yourself down to Budapest on a Thursday night!

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