Grill’d Elsternwick – 332 Glenhuntly Rd Melbourne – VIC

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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There was a time not all that long ago when Grill’d was my idea of burger heaven. So much so that I would rave to people about how good their burgers where – the Mighty Melbourne was my go to burger. Fast forward a few years and I have now explored the burger universe in somewhat more detail, and one might say, I have now developed a bit of a more mature appreciation of the humble burger. No longer is Grill’d on the top of my list of best burger establishments – although let’s be honest, this was a list that included McDonalds… So, in some respects I’m going full circle with my return to Grill’d after all these burger adventures. It’s been some time since I have tasted the delights of the grill at Grill’d. I was apprehensive about what laid in store – how would my burger memories hold up?

Grill’d, for those of you who are not familiar, is a fast growing Australian burger franchise – one of the first on the scene to offer gourmet/restaurant style burgers at a reasonable price. The market place was begging for a higher quality offering a few years back, and Grill’d answered the call. I remember the first time my friends Paul and Ness told me about the Grill’d in Hawthorn (This must have been at least 2005) – Although my first experience there involved a burnt bun – I think Ness complained and we got freebies, so since then I’ve always been a fan. I especially loved their chips – that flavoured salt and the amazing herbed mayo hit the spot every time! Their flame grilled burgers were also delicious – a far cry from your fast food varieties, these were made with real ingredients and claimed to be healthy to boot – I’d suggest “relatively healthy” might be more accurate.


This time around I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, I know that their burgers are not going to match up to the likes of the amazing creations of Tuckshop take away or Rockpool just to name two. However I was curious to see how they did stack up. So in I went – through the back door of the Elsternwick Grill’d – waiting in line to make my order. I ordered the mighty Melbourne, with no beetroot, added pickles and an egg, a side of chips and some herbed mayo to dip. I put the order under the name Eddie and waited. (I always order under the name Eddie since the time My wife’s name – Katie was miss heard as Eddie because of her American accent and we had to wait half an hour for our burgers… Always makes me smile remembering) My burger came out and I surreptitiously took a couple of snaps before I went in for the kill. My burger was on the traditional bun – a crunchy crusted, sesame seeded bun -it’s here that Grill’d make their first mistake. Their buns suck. The Panini is too doughy and the traditional is more like a roll you would get from bakers delight – too crusty, not enough give, and has a fairly plain flavour. The first bite is ok, I like their relish and the herbed mayo – both add sauciness to the burger. The pattie is ok – but there’s far too much going on here. It’s got herbs and filler, and whilst the flame grilling give it a nice smokey grill’d note, the meat doesn’t shine through. Their cheese isn’t great – the cheese they use lacks flavour and doesn’t seem to melt much. The bacon is nicely grilled but is just the short cut so it misses out on the fat and thus falls short on flavour. The egg was cooked all the way through so it really didn’t add what I wanted – which was a runny gooey yolk adding to the sauce – a shame. Their salad elements – cos lettuce, red onion and tomato – are fresh and crisp and give the burger a nice crunch – and dare I say it – healthy vibe. Overall the eating experience is pleasant, the burger tastes nice. However, it’s not all that cheap. The burger alone is $13.50 and then the chips are over $4 for the regular, so as a meal you are looking at over $20 if you get a drink. Not expensive, but not cheap either. As a franchise, this place is great – if I don’t have an option to try somewhere new, or if I want to play it safe and get a nice burger – you could go far worse than Grill’d. I’d give it a 6.5. Good, not great.

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