Hello Sam Burger Cafe – 760 Chapel Street South Yarra – VIC

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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It’s been a while since I’ve managed to venture out for a Burger – work, study and illness have conspired recently to keep me from my beef and bun Friday nights. Thankfully, this past Friday, my good mate Paul was feeling a little lonely – his wife was overseas and he was keen for a catch up. Being the good mate that I am, I suggested we find somewhere for a Burger and then a place to watch the game, since our team was playing interstate. Research ensued and eventually we settled on a little burger joint my sister had suggested called Hello Sam. Hello Sam is located down the end of Chapel Street, not all that far from the Yarra river. It’s still walking distance from the South Yarra train station, which is how Paul and I got there. Hello Sam does seem to be somewhat removed from all the action on Chapel street, being more in a residential area than the busy shopping precinct – but I guess at the end of the day, good places are worth a little bit of effort to find. The café as it’s called has quite a bit of out door street side seating, and since it was reasonably warm, we elected to sit in the sun and enjoy our burgers. I ordered the Uncle Sam as a double, which comes with American cheese, tomato relish, red onion, American mustard, pickles, served on a brioche bun. The double pattie version I got is $18.5 and I also ordered a small chips. Paul got the Bonanza, which comes with Lettuce, tomato, red onion, bacon, 2 mustard mayo, tomato relish and BBQ sauce – $13.


I love the fact that it comes with some onion rings on top, I don’t love the fact that I didn’t order a side of them. Note to self – order a side of these delicious onion rings next time… That’s not to say that the chips were no good, they were decent enough – reminded me of the schnitz chips if you’ve had those before. Anyway, who wants to talk about chips when there’s a burger to talk about right? Upon first inspection I was impressed, this looked like a pretty decent American style cheese burger – for some reason I assumed it came with lettuce etc… I didn’t read the menu closely obviously. The first thing that I liked about the burger was the bun to beef ratio, the bun is just the right thickness – the ratio is good, this is not one of those overly bready affairs. The second thing I really liked was the fact that they weren’t afraid of the sauce bottle. This is a saucy burger. First bite and it hits you on the cheeks. I like that. The patties are supposed to be cooked to a medium, although mine was probably a little over done, Paul’s however, was perfectly cooked. Regardless, it was still quite juicy, although just a little fatty for me, I think it would have benefited from some fresh lettuce and tomato, just to balance that slight greasiness. However, the pickle helped to cut through some of the fat (I really appreciated the long strips of pickley goodness – the more the better I say). The meat itself was slightly bland, not a very rich beef flavour, probably could have done with a fraction more seasoning – that’s possibly why it felt a little on the fatty side? I’m going to guess that the main cut is chuck, with a reasonable percentage of fat – you do get that traditional fast food burger flavour which I like.  Overall it’s quite a nice burger, the ingredients are all good quality, from the beef to the bun. I just think this version, the Uncle Sam, is probably not their best burger – it needed a few things to make it really top quality, and with these types of burger there’s no where to hide. The fact that the patties were a little off meant the whole burger suffered, because as a double, that’s really what it was all about. I’d give it a 7, but I really want to try some of their other burgers, because Paul quite enjoyed his.

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