TGI Fridays Southland – 1239 Nepean Hwy Cheltenham – VIC

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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I’ve been to TGI’s a few times in Australia, generally it’s a fairly average food experience – with overpriced, fairly uninspiring food. I don’t mind their Buffalo wings, but they are so inconsistent that at least half the time I’m disappointed. On Friday night Katie wanted to get out of the house and catch a movie down at southland. Since we didn’t have time to eat before we left, and I didn’t want movie “food” for dinner, we decided to get a quick bite to eat at TGI’s. Thankfully it was still early so the place was fairly quite when we got there. The service is generally the one aspect at TGI’s that pretty consistent, they seem well trained and do a pretty good job – which was good because we had a movie to see after all and we wanted to get things moving quickly. We decided to play it safe and just get mains – no appetisers or desserts. Katie and I both elected to order burgers, I got the ultimate Jack Daniels burger at $24.95  and Katie got a cheeseburger with added bacon and crispy onion rings. I guess that’s one good thing about TGI’s – they have no problem making things just the way you want it – how very American of them. The ulitmate JD burger is a bit of a monster, you get two patties, glazed with Jack Daniel’s sauce, lots of  Monterey Jack cheese, bacon and Cajun-battered onion rings on a toasted bun. Comes with a fair amount of their seasoned fries and a side of Jack Daniel’s glaze. In the past my burger experiences at TGI have been pretty underwhelming, I’ve found the patties to be dry and overcooked and since they come open – American style, this tends to exacerbate the dryness issue. Thankfully, this time around things were certainly improved regarding the juiciness issue. The burger had quite a bit of cheese which had melted and encased the patties, sealing in the juiciness. Although cooked all the way though, the patties this time had the right percentage of fat in what was probably a chuck based mix, meaning that it still retained said juiciness as well. Properly seasoned, the patties were beefy and had a nice grill note.
Two patties certainly make a filling burger – one would probably do if you are having an appetiser first, but I’m not going to complain. On to the bun – which was lightly toasted, nice and soft, fairly standard white bread style – although it started to fall apart at the end. I guess the double was a bit much for the bun. The glaze on the patties wasn’t particularly strong so I added some from the side which gave it a bit more of a kick and may have contributed to the bun falling apart. My favourite part – The pickles at TGI’s are really good – I even added Katie’s to my burger since she didn’t want hers. One let down for me, which you can just see in the picture, was the bacon – it just wasn’t cooked well, a bit soft, really just heated as opposed to grilled.
Overall I was reasonably happy with my burger – this time around, but I’ve had some pretty average burgers in the past so it’s pretty hard to judge. I’d give the JD ultimate burger a 7, but keep in mind I’ve had some not so great burgers from here in the past. Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come.

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