Burger King – Shinjuku Japan

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Ok, so I’m in Japan for two days only – what’s the first thing I eat? Obviously a burger – But not any burger. The Kuro Diamond “Black Burger”. Wondering around the streets of Shinjuku early Saturday morning I noticed something strange. A Burger King – OK, not that strange, sure we call them Hungry Jacks back home, but I’m aware the rest of the world calls them by their real name “Burger King”. That’s not the strange part – the strange part was the Black Burger being advertised on the sign out the front – a big black version of the Whopper??

I turned to Shane at this point and made it clear to him that regardless of whatever pretensions we may have had about eating and experiencing the best that Japan has to offer, this would have to be the starting point!

Anyway, so I made my way to the counter and smiled towards to serving girl – hoping that I could make myself understood. Thankfully the menu is full of photos, so I was able to simply point, smile and nod – and throw in an Arigato, place some money on the counter and the order was made! I got onion rings and a coke – Shane was less willing to experiment and so he just got a whopper with avocado, fries and a drink. Once done with the ordering we sat down in the (very clean) restaurant and awaited our breakfast burgers.

The food arrived looking like it had been arranged for a photo shoot – everything perfectly wrapped and positioned just so (Gee these Japanese fast food workers take their jobs seriously – well done), I was impressed. This could only mean that the food would hopefully meet the same exacting standards. Unwrapping my burger, I was pleased to note that it looked pretty good – sure the black bun was a little off putting – apparently it’s coloured using squid ink and bamboo charcoal – but I was willing to give it a shot. The Kuro Diamond is the more expensive version of the Kuro burgers, this one comes with tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, mayo and what appeared to be black BBQ sauce of some sort. Picking up the bun and bringing it in for closer inspection, you get the feel of the burger – a good sized patty that looks as though it’s got a bit of pepper though it, then you spot the cheese… The cheese is a bit much, it’s a shiny black, the colour of coal, covered with the dark BBQ sauce and the whole thing just seems wrong to my Australian eyes – but I’m also excited to taste this crazy thing. The white of the mayo and the green and red of the salad contrasts so strongly, its a really weird burger to get your head around. Oh well, nothing left but to dive in and take a big bite. First bite and my first reaction is, um, that’s interesting… Um, actually that’s a bit wrong. The black cheese and the black sauce, combine with the bun and peppered patty to give a very savory/Umami flavour, it kind of  reminded me of Vegemite, combined with mushroom soy, garlic and oyster sauce (Not that I’ve ever had that combination…). At least that’s what came to mind. Shane gave it a shot and left it a one bite as well, apparently he quite enjoyed his whopper and fries. At least my onion rings were good.

If I had to give this burger a score it would be a 2 for taste, but I think that’s a bit unfair.  I mean, it’s actually prepared and cooked very well for a fast food burger. The meat appears to be a higher quality that the usual fare we get back home and it was put together with care. Obviously I just didn’t like the flavours, but I hear it’s pretty popular in Japan… Below is my video of that first and only bite.



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