Third Wave Cafe – 189 Rouse St Port Melbourne – VIC

Posted: November 16, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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It has been too long since I’ve been on a burger hunt – work and uni (Oh and a side trip to Japan) have conspired to keep me from the beefy goodness that is the burger. Honestly, I feel like I have been writing those same words far too often recently. But I swear I’m back on the burger wagon. Anyway, I sent out the burger signal to the team on Wednesday night and the reply was a resounding yes! After about 30 texts and a conversation with Katie, the venue for our reunion was chosen – Third Wave cafe in Port Melbourne. We made a booking and Jo, Chris, Katie and I all met at the Cafe. Third Wave is located on a side street off the main Bay street area. It’s surrounded by apartment buildings and seems a little bit hidden away. In we went, quite a small venue – that feels more café than restaurant to be honest. But then you get handed the menu and there’s no mistaking it – by day it’s a café but by night it’s a meat lovers paradise. You have ribs and burgers and all sorts of delicious treats. I had already decided I was going to order the special – The three little piggies, which is advertised as a “half bacon half Porterhouse Patty, Mustard, Pickles, spicy BBQ Sauce, Cream Cheese, Candy Bacon, Tomatoes and Smokey Pulled Pork – hence 3 Little Piggies. All this in a tasty brioche bun”. At $20.90 that’s a lot of burger goodness. However it doesn’t come with sides – you can get a small serve which they say is enough for one and range in price form $7 to $10 or a large serve which will feed two which range from $12-$18. I have to say that this makes things on the pricey side, but judging by the smiles, no one really cared.


We ordered a couple of sides to share – the smoked mac and cheese and the confit kipfler potatoes, and then a small coleslaw. Chris ordered a Rubens (Actually should be called a Rachel as it was pastrami not corned beef), Katie got the same as me and Jo got two starters – the chicken wings and the lamb quesadillas. Everyone really enjoyed their meals and we all agreed that the smoked mac and cheese was amazing. So lets talk about my burger. It’s a big burger there’s no doubt about that! One thing to note is that there was a lot going on in this burger – but they managed to pull it off reasonably well. The individual parts of the burger might not sound like they would work, but together you get a nice balance. One of the first thing that struck me was the piped cream cheese – I wasn’t expecting that at all! When the menu mentioned cream cheese I figured it would be spread on the bun… The piped cream cheese is one of those things in this burger that actually made sense (apart from the fact that it stuck the two halves together) when you consider it with the other elements, it added a cooling cheesy note that rounded out the smokey pulled pork and the spicy candied bacon.  Oh my sweet lord, that candied bacon – it was amazing , slightly salty, spicy, smoky and sweet – oh and very crispy. The pulled pork was also pretty smokey and when you add the BBQ sauce you realise why the cream cheese is there. The tomatoes do the job of adding freshness as well. The pickles in the burger were nice, another balancing element – cutting through the rich smokiness of the burger as a whole. The bun was a light Brioche style, so you got the sweetness there as well which worked to complement the smokey BBQ flavours. 

The patty was interesting – the bacon/porterhouse patty worked in the burger, however, if you got a bit on it’s own, it had that hammy, almost hot dog flavour – that was the bacon flavour that you kind of get in soups or when it’s not cooked but stewed. You needed all the other elements to make that patty work.

This burger was interesting to say the least, but it was also enjoyable. Not my usual type of burger, I’d give this one a 7.5.


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