Grand Trailer Park Taverna – 87 Bourke St Melbourne – VIC

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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As the working year winds down and the summer holidays beckon, my mind turns to the hunt, or more accurately the hunt for the holy grail (of Burgers). With the memories of grilled beef, pickles and cheese running through my mind I call out to my fellow burger hunters. They answer the call – Chris, Jo and Damo all keen to share in the thrill of the chase. I had heard of Grand Trailer Park Taverna through my cousin Meg, her husband Charlie (Who makes a damn good burger at his Fish and Chip shop – Old Salt) knows the guys who run Dandenong Pavilion and apparently they had decided to open up a burger bar in the city. My interest was well and truly piqued when I learned this little tidbit of information – I’m a fan of the Dandenong Pavilion so I knew that their burger bar would be top quality.

We arrived at around 7pm on the Friday night – as expected it was packed and there was a wait for a table. Thankfully there was some space out on the balcony where we could enjoy a drink while we waited. It gave us some time to think about the burger that we wanted to get. After about 40mins waiting we got a table – as I said, this place is popular, especially on a Friday night! Jo and I both ordered the “Mcdowell” ($15.50 +$2 for bacon) – a not so subtle nod to the Big Mac, of course we both added bacon, Chris ordered the “Atomic” ($16.50) – he likes spicy, and Damo went for “The Chunk Double Double” ($16.50 +$2 for bacon) – he might not look like it but he can put away a fair amount of food when he’s hungry. We also ordered sides, two large fries and two potato mac and cheese croquettes. We didn’t have a long wait for the food to come thankfully, we were all very hungry.


My Burger arrived wrapped – I do like that, I think it “proves” the burger somewhat, nice size, looked good on first impression. The Mcdowell is clearly a riff on the Big Mac, double level, two patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese. We all love a good Big Mac if we are being honest… Anyway, so lets talk Mcdowell – The Bun was the first thing that grabbed my attention once I had unwrapped my burger, and I have to say, the middle bun section was too think for mind, and the top part a bit thin. Now you might think I’m being pedantic, which would be a fair assumption, but in this case the bun ratio was out and the burger fell apart on the last third. Not the end of the world, but structurally, there were some issues.

First bite, you get the sauce, this is good, sorry, great burger sauce. Jo thought it was better than Rockwell and Sons. That’s a big call, but I’d say it was pretty bloody good. It made the burger! The addition of bacon was a good move as you would expect, you just can’t go wrong with bacon. The patties were ok, thin, clearly good quality meat and cooked well so they were still juicy, however, the meat isn’t the star of the show in these burgers. Think good quality fast food style patties. The Mcdowell is a very cheese burger – they just got it spot on from a cheese perspective, ooey gooey, cheesy – my kind of burger. The lettuce was Butter lettuce which has a softer, sweeter flavour than Cos, but is more interesting than Iceberg – a good choice for these burgers. Overall this was a very tasty burger, but I felt the bun and the patties needed some work to take it into the great burger category – that sauce, wow, I’m still thinking about it right now. The other guys had different experiences – Damo wasn’t totally please with his burger, and he was the most critical of the patties – his were doubled up on top of each other and he felt that the patties felt a little overworked. Chris was very happy with his burger, but felt that a burger called Atomic should be hot, and he felt it lacked heat. The sides were a mixed bag, the fries were fine, however our croquettes were a bit on the bland side – not what we were expecting.

I’m going to give the burgers here a 8 which is in the very good category – I have to say they achieved what they were trying to do which was good quality fast food, but even still there were still some issues that stop the burgers getting into the great category. Although the more I think about it the more I liked that sauce.. I give the sauce a 9.5 easily.

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