Chew Burger – 147 Plenty Rd Preston – VIC

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Burger Hunt
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Damo had been telling me all about Chew burger for some time now, claiming that they make some of the best burgers in Melbourne. Since Damo is a fairly critical judge of the burger, I thought it best to give this place a go. It took us a while to get to the northern suburbs from Elwood, pick up Damo and then head into Chew. I must say, I’m not all that familiar with the area, but Chew seems like it’s in a good spot, located next to a pretty lively bar – Chew and the bar have this cool partnership going on. Bar patrons walk into Chew, make an order, get a buzzer and then come back when their burger is done, buzzer in hand. They then head back next door into the bar and eat their burger as though they ordered it at the bar. Seems a very popular option for the punters . Chew itself isn’t as comfortable to dine in – well, not for Katie who was also on the hunt – there are stools to sit on which are rather tall and have a small seat, which is not ideal for a pregnant lady. Oh well, these are the sacrifices you have to make if you want to hunt down the best burgers in Melbourne! One annoying thing about this bar/chew deal is that you don’t realise that there can be a huge amount of people in front of you waiting for a burger. Chew looked rather quiet when we came in with only a couple of people waiting inside – we thought we’d get our burgers reasonably quickly, however, about 10 people from the bar came in while we were waiting – evidently they had ordered and gone back to the bar to wait. Again, not ideal when you are dealing with a hungry pregnant lady… Katie calls the stage where she gets really hungry now – “Hangry”… Thankfully the wait wasn’t actually all that long – it just felt like an eternity, as we watched and smelled the burgers being created before our very eyes! We had ordered the Plenty burger, which has 2 x 190 g Wagyu patties, smokey bacon, cheese, cos lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and this spicy/mustard/mayo sauce that I can’t remember the name of, all for $16. We also ordered two sides of chips, one with parmesan salt and the other with ghost chilli salt and then some onion rings.


The Plenty Burger is a fairly decent sized burger – although I was expecting it to be bigger considering that there was almost a pound of meat supposedly in the burger. First impression is that this is a very good burger – nice bun to meat ratio, not too big – but big enough, cheesy and saucy – it looks the real deal.

First bite you get a very beefy hit – there’s a lot of meat in the Plenty. Good quality patty with a hint of pink, juicy and well seasoned. The beef is clearly good quality, and the patties are the right thickness for a double. The caramised onions are the next thing that really stands out – they add a sweet element that complements the strong beefy flavour of the patty, it works well with the slight sweetness of the brioche. Damo made the point that the buns taste better take-away – that way they get slightly steamed in the bag, otherwise they are a little bit “cakey” – not stale, but a little like a croissant texture at times. The sauce is great, there’s a hint of heat which really adds to the burger and you get the richness of the mayo base, that then gets cut through by their lovely pickles – which I am glad to say they were not stingy on – I think I had four pickles (Winning at life!). The bacon is grilled and has that flame grilled smokey note – but with so much beef it’s almost just a background flavour. The salad does the job it’s supposed to do. I would have liked double cheese, one slice on each patty as I thought I was a little dry at stages, but really I’m looking for faults. Overall this is a damn good burger – I’d give it an 8.5.


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    Mmm hungry…

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