Beer Deluxe – 329 Burwood Rd Hawthorn – VIC

Posted: January 1, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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The Final Burger of 2014… Oh what a year it has been. But why, oh why, did it have to end with one of the worst burgers of my life. I am sorry Damo, Jo and Katie, that I made us go to Beer Deluxe when LeGrill is just across the road. I still feel sick and bloated after last nights effort.

Hmm, I should probably explain… OK, so I wanted a burger to finish off the year (Of course), and since  we were all at Jo’s in Hawthorn I thought somewhere nearby would be the best option. I had heard about Beer Deluxe in Fed square doing decent burgers, although this was a fair time back, so I figured that Beer Deluxe in Hawthorn should be OK at the very least. Damo had lobbied for LeGrill across the road, but my argument was that I had been there, and I wanted to end the year somewhere new and exciting (Sorry again Damo – you’ve earned your veto on my choice of burger place for next time…). So we found ourselves at Beer Deluxe at 5pm on New Years Eve… The place was pretty empty, so we were able to easily order our burgers and beverages. Jo ordered the Angus mini burgers for $12.5, Katie got the Peking duck crepes for $13 and Damo and I both ordered the DeLuxe Burger, which is a double beef patty with lettuce, cheese, bacon, onion, mayo, deluxe sauce, and a side of chips for $20. We also got an extra slice of cheese and pickle added. So, let’s start with Jo’s “Angus” mini burgers. The sliders came out arranged three in a row, perfect slider size. However, instead of one fresh patty in each, the chef had just cut up a pre cooked burger patty and wacked the pieces into the sliders. So you had these square edges and a very dry final product – very lazy effort from the chef. Katie’s crepes were pathetic, tiny, and bland – there was not Hoisin dipping sauce, just three bland, rolled crepes, a tiny piece of duck, a little cucumber and I think some hoisin in the pancake then placed on a small plate. Suffice it to say Katie was not impressed. However, all of that could be forgiven if the burgers were any good. They were not. Well, that’s an understatement.


I could tell straightaway that we were going to have an issue with the burgers – from Jo’s cut up burger patty sliders, you could tell that the patties were the meatloaf/sausage variety. The burger as you can see looks pretty decent – these are big burgers. However, just because you get a lot of something doesn’t necessary translate to satisfaction. I mean, if the restaurant said – “oh hey, looks like you didn’t like that meal… How about we give you twice as much”. Would that make you feel better??

Anyway, so lets break it down. The bun was actually quite good, a nice fresh, soft white bread, lightly toasted. The caramelised onions were well done and added a nice sweetness. The cheese was pre-sliced cheddar, tasteless and plastic, the additional pickles were very sweet and lacked any sharpness, the sauces were nice and the salad was standard. Sound ok so far. Well, the patties were quite large and really dominated the burger. This would be a good thing except for one little problem. They tasted like rubbery, meatloaf/sausage. It seemed as though these patties had been formed on a production line, packed with filler and less that 50% meat, precooked, frozen and then warmed up in a microwave.


I’m sure (I hope), that that’s not totally the case, however, they tasted like it could be true! Oh my God, they were just truly terrible patties. The more you ate, the worse it got. We were so bloated afterwards that we felt sick. I still feel ill and it’s the next day! These were easily the worst burger patties I’ve eaten this year. I actually removed one to finish the burger and you could bend the burger patty like a piece of rubber without it breaking apart! Honestly I don’t know what to give this – I feel like a McDonalds burger would have been preferable. I give this burger a 3.

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