Hog’s Breath Cafe – 197 Karingal Dr Frankston – VIC

Posted: January 1, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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I’ve been to a couple of Hog’s Breath Cafe’s around the traps and I’ve always found them to be the poor cousin to TGI Fridays. They have a very similar feel and format, American Chain restaurant style, although Hog’s Breath puts an Aussie spin on the whole experience. Normally I’m not a huge fan of the chain restaurant, however Katie and I had just gone to see a movie – tight arse Tuesday after all – and this was one of the few choices in the area. First things first, Hog’s Breath is generally overpriced for what you get. I knew this walking in, it’s like all the chain restaurants in Australia – not the greatest value, but at least you know what you are going to get…

Hog’s Breath have designed their menus brilliantly so that you always spend more than you planned, and extra side or sauce, an appetiser and a dessert – always much more than expected  – But, well done to them, they have a good marketing department. However, I always walk out feeling a little cheated.

This time around I knew I was just going to get a burger (None of the crazily expensive steaks or rib combos) – and after my reasonable TGI’s experience a little while back, I was expecting a fairly decent burger… We did get sucked in a little bit and started with the garlic cheese and bacon bread – it was uninspired, bland, but edible, However, at around $10, I’d give it a miss next time. Katie ordered the chicken and ranch salad for her main, which it must be said, she really enjoyed – And I ordered the Burger. By Burger I mean the Cheese burger in paradise (Surely there is some sort of copyright infringement here Jimmy Buffett??) and made it into a Boss Hog – which is an additional patty and cheese for $3.30 (Value – actually), I then asked for bacon to be added – at $3.95 extra for two burnt rashers – not value… The total price for the burger was $21.75. The burger itself is presented on a huge plate, which makes the meal look rather sad, as there’s a lot of empty space – although it does come with a very small serving of curly fries (Which I do quite like), oh, and a flaccid piece of lettuce… 


The “Boss Hog Burger” is a double beef patty burger, on a white bread roll, with lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion and BBQ sauce (Oh and Beetroot – I removed this of course). They say the patty is “seared with Hog’s Breath blackened seasoning”, however I noted no evidence of that other than the patty was burnt so that it had a crispy edge – perhaps they burnt the seasoning off?? The problem with the burger, started and ended with the patties. They were over processed, frozen, with sausage like meat, and then burnt so that no moisture remained. When a McDonalds patty would be preferable, you know you are in trouble. The rest of the burger was ok, although the cheese was average and the lack of a pickle didn’t help the cause. I don’t understand how they could make such a disappointing burger. An average patty isn’t hard to get right. You can use cheap meat and it still comes out nice (Isn’t that the point???). But the main point is that the patty needs to be made of meat. Well, at least mostly meat. These overworked, pre-packaged, frozen patties that are mostly filler just make me sad. I give this burger a 4.5 at most. Next time I find myself in a Hog’s Breath,  I’ll stick to the overpriced steaks and ribs. At least they’re decent.

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