Terminus Hotel – 492 Queens Parade Fitzroy North – VIC

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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After the more recent debacles on the Burger Hunt, Damo mentioned that he knew a pub that did a half decent burger, it just happened to be in walking distance from his place, and we’d be passing it on the way to the train station. Decision made and off we trotted to the Terminus Hotel. On arrival we were greeted by a friendly barman and an extensive selection of craft beers. Conversation ensued as to the merit of various craft beers and then on to locations around the world that have more expensive beers than Australia. We all agreed that there are perhaps only three or 4 location around the world where the beers are at least as expensive as they are here. God it sucks to have to pay such ridiculously expensive prices for a cool refreshing beverage in Melbourne… Ah well, anyway, so after ordering a cleansing libation, we moved on to food and ordered the burger. For $23.90 – yeah, we didn’t check the price before we ordered – you get a Wagyu beef burger, on the requisite Brioche bun, Dijon mustard, mayo, a sweet tomato relish, lettuce, cheese, tomato and some nice sharp pickles. You also get a side of nice pub chips. The Burger itself was a nice change from the rubbish I’ve been getting recently, and it was nice to get a patty that was made pretty much exclusively of Beef, well seasoned and juicy and pink. There is still hope out there! The patty was covered in a melted slice of cheese – not strong, probably a mild cheddar. The Sauces were good, and I particularly liked the mustard, which I’m pretty sure was a nice Dijon. There was also a pretty sweet tomato relish thing, which I’m sure could work, but with the very sweet and cakey brioche bun, the burger overall became just too sweet. Bacon and onion would really have rounded out the sweetness and improved the burger by quite a bit – the burger just lacked balance. If you are going to do such a simple burger you need to nail it. The brioche was a mistake on this burger. Still, I enjoyed the burger for the most part, with a few tweaks this could bit a great burger. I’d give it a 7.

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