Groove Train – 172-210 Burwood Hwy Burwood East – VIC

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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So I’ve finally finished moving out to the burbs – we now have a much bigger place, so at least when we bring the new bubs home she wont have to sleep in a draw in our bed room… I think this is a good thing. The down side of course is that I now live in the suburbs – I had nightmares before moving that I would never get a good hamburger again. That I would be isolated from all that is good in the world…So to try to calm things down a bit I decided that I would just nip down the road and grab a burger. We decided to try Groove train at they were easy to get to, and they had a lunch special with a cheese burger for $12.50…

Sitting down in the huge cafe/restaurant for the first time, I was a little bit put off. The place was just too big – it felt like a dinning hall. I also discovered that Groove Train is a franchise – I’m not sure why, it just seems like a run of the mill suburban cafe/restaurant – there doesn’t seem to be anything special about the place – However there are quite a few of them around the country… The prices were reasonable for the most part, although the specials were pretty cheap. I ordered the Cheese burger with bacon which came to I think $15.00 and Katie got the creamy spinach, pumpkin and sage Gnocchi which I think was on special but is normally $18.90. Katie enjoyed her Gnocchi, but thought there was too much pumpkin which she didn’t love. I had a try, and it tasted pretty good – nothing to write home about though. Ok, so on to the burger. I didn’t have high expectations going in – I had seen a few burgers on other tables and they didn’t look like any thing special. When my burger came out I was disappointed to see that they had served it American style and left the top bun off to the side so I had to sauce the thing myself. I had to add some tomato sauce as the only sauce on the burger was the mayo. The Cheese burger comes standard with – lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo and the patty, a fairly plain burger. I added bacon, because…  well, bacon. First bite in I noticed the bun – too much bread to burger. The bun was quite dense, and a little sweet – It reminded me of focaccia bread a bit – just really dense, although still soft and fresh. Getting past the bun, the next flavour is the patty. It’s one of those big rissole like patties. It actually tasted quite nice and was juicy enough, but it really did remind me of a rissole. There was just too much going on in the patty – the meat wasn’t the star here. Look, I love a good rissole and gravy, and some mashed potato… But I’m not a huge fan of them in a burger. The bacon was crispy and delicious and is a necessary addition to this burger. The salad was the fancy lettuce, and some small slices of tomato, it sorely lacked the onion for balance and bite. I was desperately disappointed that there was no pickle – every burger should have a pickle…

My final gripe was the cheese. As you can see from the photo, the cheese is just your every day, supermarket, prepackaged, Colby/Tasty Cheddar cheese. There really isn’t much flavour – especially when it is just wilted and not melted. Cheese in a burger like this needs to be melted. That half melted wilt, which just makes the fats in the cheese start to sweat and gives you this greasy mouth feel… Not a fan.

Overall, the burger was OK, there was nothing really offensive about it, it was tasty enough, it just lacked anything to lift it up. No pickle, half melted cheese, too much bread to burger, and a rissole patty. I’d give it a 6.

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