JD’s Burgers – 85 Willsmere Rd Kew – VIC

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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People keep posting reviews about burgers to my facebook page – You would think I have a thing for Burgers or something… Anyway – one of these posts just happened to catch my attention. JD’s Burgers in Kew has a reputation for serving up some ridiculously huge burgers and then challenging you to eat them in a very short amount of time. Take for example their “Legendary Super Saiyan Challenge”. You get 15 minutes to eat a burger with 8 beef patties, 8 slices of American cheddar, 8 pieces of bacon with their secret sauce on a Brioche bun… It should be noted that there is a waiver down the bottom of their menu that absolves JD of any responsibility for “health issues, disabilities, DEATH or harm done” due to any attempt to eat this half a cow masquerading as a burger monstrosity. Now, me personally, I’ve never been hugely into the whole lets see how much I can beat before I throw up and die scene. Although, back in the day I was pretty handy at pizza hut’s all you can eat works bar. Ah, memories from year 7… But I digress – So, anyway, this burger place grabbed my attention – So when Paul comes over for a hit of golf, I suggest when head off for a bite to eat beforehand. JD’s is just around the corner now, so I figure we go and see what all this hype is about. One thing I wasn’t aware of was their opening hours – they close at 2:30. We arrive at about 3pm, luckily they had received a late take away order which keep them open, and they were kind enough to take our orders as well. Their menu looks very interesting – I was intrigued by their Asian fusion burgers and I think I’ll be back to try one of their more Asian fusion style creations. On this occasion Paul and I just stuck to the basics and got the #1 Best seller – JD’s Mighty Beef Burger – which comes with Bacon, caramelized onion, lettuce, cheese, tomato and JD’s secret sauces. We both got an extra patty because we were a little bit peckish and some of their really tasty chips. Apparently they had sold out of their Brioche buns so we were offered just a normal hamburger bun which I was actually happy to accept – sometimes I just feel that the Brioche is too cakey and sweet.

When the burgers arrived – wrapped up and good to go, Paul and I rushed off to find a shady spot outside to demolish our lunch. Before my first bite I was confused as to why they were called “Asian fusion burgers”. This confusion vanished after the first bite. You really get a hit of Asian flavours, my first though was a slight curry note, a little bit of cumin perhaps, the sweet Kewpie style mayo perhaps, and possibly some soy sauce in there too. All of this melding with the American Cheddar, the crispy bacon, the juicy beef, the sweet/savoury caramelized onion and your traditional Lettuce and tomato. It really worked – it was a satisfying and interesting burger. Not a traditional burger, sure, but an interesting riff on an old favourite. I really liked my burger, and judging by the speed of consumption – so did Paul. I’ve got no problems giving this burger a solid 7.5. It’s quite nice, a little different, but you wont be disappointed when you eat it.

As a side note, both Paul and I agreed that the Level 8 Super Saiyan challenge was beyond our capabilities, but we thought (probably delusionally) we’d have a fair chance at the 5 patty burger in 10 minutes…  Stay tuned for a possible attempt in the near future.

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