Coco Lounge – 93 Kingsway Glen Waverley – VIC

Posted: February 1, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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Bit of a sneaky afternoon burger adventure this one. Katie had organised to meet up with a student midwife at a café (Coco Loco) in Glen Waverly – part of some program run through the royal Womens… Anyway, Katie felt it best if I tag along so we could both meet the student midwife. I wasn’t feeling too great, but obviously I wanted to support Katie, being the great husband that I am, and so I pulled myself off the couch and off we went.

Located in the heart of the bustling Kingsway area, Coco Lounge looks like your standard café/restaurant, a nice enough spot, but nothing that really stands out. Originally we had just planned to stop for a drink and a chat with the midwife and then go on our way – however I spied the dinner menu, and it just happened to have a Wagyu burger… Thankfully, even though it was quite early, the kitchen had just started the dinner shift and I was able to order the burger. Advertised as coco’s signature Wagyu Beef Burger, it comes with aged cheddar, tomato and dark ale relish, aioli, crispy onions, and chard leaves, on a brioche bun. You also get a side of delicious twice cooked chips with some relish, aioli and herbed salt on the side. Back to the burger though – when it comes out it’s served American style – open. You get to admire the crispy onion rings I guess and it allows you to add a bit more sauce if you wish – but I’m still not a fan.


I suspect the real reason it’s served this was is because they want to disguise the fact that the burger is hardly bigger than a slider. This is one of the smallest burgers I’ve had that wasn’t advertised as a slider. At $24.90 I’m really expecting a bit more beef for my buck – And it was really annoying because the burger was actually quite impressive otherwise.  First bite after you put the burger together you get the sweetness of the Brioche bun, and with this burger it matches well with the other elements, the sweet, beefy patty is excellent, although I like mine to be a little pink, it was still juicy and well seasoned. The crispy onion rings were great, it’s like caramelised onions with crunch – awesome. There was a bit of bite from the Chard, and the sauces and cheese really balanced out the burger. I wasn’t left thinking – gee, I’d really like this burger more if it had … in it. It was a really well balanced burger. However, it was also a tiny burger, with a small handfull of chips on the side – this is not a value for money burger. I’d give it a 7.5, but I’d be thinking over 8 if it was the normal size!

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