Chicken Central Ashburton – 176 High Street Ashburton – Vic

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Chicken Burger
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I love a good chicken burger (Chicken Sandwich if you’re from the States), but my  focus has been on my unrelenting quest to find Melbourne’s best burger. And by burger, I mean beef burger. But there’s been something recently that has called out to me – telling me to give chicken a go. Actually that something has been a someone, whoever is behind the instagram account @chickencentralashburton. They sounded pretty confident that their burgers were worth the drive, and their instagram photo’s looked pretty damn good. They pretty much threw down the tasty chicken burger gauntlet… So when Friday night rolled around, Katie and I decide that it was time to pick up the chicken gauntlet – it was chicken burger time.

Driving past chicken central at 7:30pm the place was pretty busy – there was a line out the door – good signs. Once I got a park and managed to shoulder my way through the hungry hordes, I decided to go the special – the president and make it a double. The president comes with a special sauce, two slices of American cheese, caramelised onions, lettuce, loads of pickles (Yes!!) and char grilled chicken breast. Katie went for the BOP, which has bacon, pineapple, sauce and lettuce. Both Burgers came in a lovely, soft and fresh Turkish bread bun – perfect for a chicken burger, but unfortunately these would fall apart with a beef burger. It was a nice change from the really dense, sweet, Brioche style buns I’ve been eating lately. Both Burgers were also under $10 normally – which is great value.


Straight up – The chicken burgers here are delicious. Often, a chicken burger can be chewy and dry, these were just so succulent. My burger was particularly good – I loved the sauce and the pickles – they didn’t stint on the pickles, and it matched so well with the American cheese and the caramelised onions.  The bun was a prefect match to the juicy chicken fillets – next time I’d go 3 and probably add bacon, well because bacon… And because I had a bite of Katie’s BOP and chicken and bacon just work so well together… Once we had finished I immediately said – I could go another, even though I was reasonably satisfied. This has only happened to me a few times on my hunt, and on each occasion, these burgers have lived on in my memory.  My 8 and half month pregnant wife, Katie, made the point that “this is burger I could crave – you know, just need to have one right away”. I wouldn’t argue with her on this one. Although I did note the closing time is a ridiculous 8pm. What gives there. What am I to do if Katie “needs” a BOP burger at 8:30pm? If you are going to sell burgers this good, then really, you owe it to the community to be open later than that!

I’d say this would be a pretty good benchmark chicken burger – I think a new side hunt begins…

Chicken Central Ashburton on Urbanspoon


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