Burgers, Babies and Blogging

Posted: April 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I can’t remember the last time I had a moment to actually log in and look at my wordpress account, let alone type anything even closely resembling a coherent sentence (It’s debatable that I’ve ever been all that coherent anyway)…

I vaguely recall a time before now when a lot of my energy was consumed with planning my next food or burger adventure and then blogging about the resultant experience. I could wax lyrical about the ratio of bun to patty. I could engage in entire conversations about the benefits of chuck vs. sirloin… Oh life was so much simpler then. These last few weeks my conversations have revolved around poo, spew, wee, nappies, sleep, breasts (Not as much fun as you might think…), swaddling, crying, burping, washing… My point is that food and burgers seem to have dropped off my top 10 of things to talk about. I guess I’ve been rather preoccupied over the last month or so. You might be wondering why this has all happened, well essentially it’s because of this:


Now whilst Lucy might look all cute and cuddly, appearances, as I’ve learnt from burger hunting, can be deceiving. Behind that big blue eyed baby face is a tiny human poo machine – surely more comes out than goes in! My wife calls the big ones poonamis… And then you have this:


How is it possible to go through so many outfits in one day? And how is it possible that she already has more clothes than I do?

Anyway, all of these things make it rather difficult to head out of the house let alone head out for a meal. Thankfully in recent times things have settled down a little and I’ve had the chance to sleep for a few minutes here and there. It’s also meant that I’ve had the chance to head out for a bite to eat. Hopefully I can stay awake long enough to type up a couple of blog posts over the next few weeks. For now I think I might just go to bed – I mean it is almost 8:30pm!!


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