On it Burgers – 930 Burwood Hwy Ferntree Gully – VIC

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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On the drive out to get my car serviced a few weeks back I drove past a new burger place – On it Burgers – situated in the old Barnacle Bill’s building on Burwood Hwy. I though nothing of it at the time as it was closed and I was in a rush. However when Chris dropped by the other day and we were talking about burgers, I recalled the new burger restaurant not all the far down the road and I suggested that we make it a destination in the near future. Well, once Chris and I started talking about burgers it wasn’t long before we were hatching a plan to actually get out of the house and grab ourselves a bite to eat. The problem of course is that 4 week old babies don’t really make it easy to just up and get out of the house. Katie really wanted a burger as well so we had to feed Lucy first. Thankfully Kathy, Katie’s Mum was staying with us and could look after Lucy while we nicked off down the road. Preparations were made, nappies were changed, and then changed again, Lucy got her mothers milk, and then spewed some up so we changed her, burped her, settled her and the threw her into her Grandmothers arms – and then off we hurried so that we could be back in time for the next feed… I don’t recall burger hunting being this difficult in the past…

Anyway, the trip down Burwood Hwy only took about 20mins, and we were soon sitting down to peruse the menu at On It Burgers, trying to quckly make up our minds so that we could shove the food in our mouths and rush back to make sure our 4 week old baby was still alive… At least Katie didn’t cry as we left the house this time…

Ok, so the burger place, oh yes… Well, I have to be honest, it’s a bit of a weird place, I’m not sure if they’re sure they want to be a restaurant or a take away place, or whatever. The venue looks as though they’re setting up as a restaurant, but haven’t finished it yet. It’s a strange vibe but nice enough.  When we arrived (5:30pm) all the staff were out the back and you can actually see the kitchen from the bar/counter. Speaking of the bar – they have Sierra Nevada beer on tap – A great choice and an amazing beer, and not one I’ve seen on tap much in Melbourne. Anyway, waiting at the bar/counter you can see through to the kitchen and I could make out the mincer in action and the careful attention of the staff as the burger patties were being created and weighed. Just that glimpse into the kitchen told me all I needed to know – these guys take burgers seriously. Freshly ground beef, handmade patties – that’s what I’m talking about.

Finally someone noticed us and was able to come out and take our order. Katie and I ordered the Nod burger, Chris got the Luke burger and we all ended up getting shakes and sides.

Looking at the sides – we got some onion rings – $6.90 and two sets of chips – $3.90 each, one truffle and parmesan and one garlic and basil – pretty good value for the quality, although the seasoning on the chips was a bit too subtle. The onion rings on the other hand were very good.  The shakes – OMG the shakes… The coconut shake that Katie got was amazing. Clearly the guy out the back who makes the shakes knows his/her business. Probably the best shake I’ve had this side of the pacific. Anyway, enough about the sides and shakes etc… Lets talk about the burgers.


First point – this place is actually reasonable value – well value by my inner city standards. I noticed some reviews complained about the price – well let’s look at it:  The standard burger on their menu is a smidge over $10. It’s a quality burger, not a fish and chip shop cheap and cheerful burger, but a real burger. You pay for quality. They mince their own meat, and it’s clearly not the cheapest cut. Their patties are very good – they have a strong beef flavour, from grass feed beef, seasoned well with just the right amount of fat. There’s probably some steak cuts in the mix, so you taste that quality. A very good burger patty means you have the foundation for a very good burger.

Katie and I ordered the Nod burger –  which comes with 2x180gram patties, double cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce and tomato with their signature sauce in a brioche bun, comes in at $17.90. Add in some bacon jam (because Bacon) for $3 which I did. The Nod burger is a quality burger, of course you have the fantastic patty which really is the start of a great burger, but then you add in the really good bun – a nice savoury bun, not sweet, still soft and spongy with a nice crust, lightly toasted. Next you add in some nicely melted American cheese – a great accompaniment to a any burger. The sauces – a nice, a hint of dill and pickles, a smokey spicy note as well. The lettuce, tomato and onion add texture and freshness, and the pickles take it to another level. Then we come the bacon jam – sweet, with a slight BBQ sauce flavour, the bacon jam will not be to everyone’s taste. I quite liked it, but I felt that it masked the flavour of the beef a little, so I’d probably pass next time. Chris ordered the Luke burger (Luke, I am your burger…), which came out on a black bun – quite a small bun and it was a good thing he made it a double – he was a bit disappointed with the amount of mustard in his burger as he felt that it overpowered everything else. Although he did say that in the bites without too much mustard he could appreciate what I was talking about in terms of patty quality etc…

Both Katie and I loved our burgers, Chris, was a little disappointed. Based on my experience I’d give the burger an 8.5, however, it is clear that there could be some hits and misses on the menu. Regardless, I’d go back just for the shakes, let alone the amazing burgers!!

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  1. roger says:

    What a bullshite review. ‘There’s PROBABLY some steak cuts in there, so you can taste that quality.
    You sir are an idiot, I have a sister that works in that kitchen. No steak in the patties

    • Thanks for your feedback mate – I guess it’s just good meat, well made and well cooked and therefore they tastes good. Do you like their burgers, perhaps you can ask your sister what they put in the mix? Personally I think they taste great, whatever the mix of meat they put into the patties!

  2. Tony says:

    OnIt Burgers only uses two steak cuts, no trim. You can taste the steak flavour in the meat. It comes in freshly minced and patties are hand formed daily. Roger, your sister must be eye balling the mince and not know what it is made from. I can assure the blend is premium and costs double want a standard mince would.

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