Bruburger – 618 High Street Echuca – VIC

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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So, as some of you know, it’s been kind of hard to get out of the house for any extended period. The burger hunt is on hiatus at the moment… However, fellow burger afficiando, Chris, has been kind enough to send me through the occasional photo and description of some of the amazing burgers he has been lucky enough to sink his teeth into. I am in no way crazy jealous of his free wheeling, burger eating lifestyle. Not at all. I wish him well, and I don’t hope that he chokes on the amazingly juicy looking Wagyu beef… Anyway, Chris has been kind enough to send though his thoughts on what sounds like an amazing burger joint – Chris’s blog Brain Swell is much too high brow to contain any mention of Burgers, so he’s been nice enough to guest blog for me. Anyway, here is a much more (Than my usual ramblings) insightful and humorous blog post about Bruburger in Echuca:

Echuca is a lovely place, the jewel of the Murry…or wait…I think that might be a Michal Douglas Movie. Anyway, my partner lives up that way and I visit the region quite regularly. And it’s not without its charm. Do you like Steam Rallies? Then that region is for you. There’s also the Holden Museum where an old man will grumpily ignore your questions about cars for a good 45 minutes. To be fair the winter blues festival is genuinely awesome and something I’m looking forward to this year. But something Echuca lacked that Melbourne seems to have a plethora of these days is good Burger Joints. Pretty much no matter where you are in Melbourne you’re no more than a 30 minute drive from a good burger. I’m quite close to Tuckshop takeaway and that fact reassures me as I go to sleep at night. But if you’re heading too, driving through, or living in Echuca, well you’re going to be bereft of burgers for a good long while. This is a sad state of affairs but one that has happily been rectified. Bruburger is a new (since Wed) beer and burger bar that has opened up on the main strip of Echucha. Is it any good?

My partner and I were heading to the movies when we noticed that a small new hole in the wall had opened up

Oh my yes it is good.


I got the Fat Burger which is a double beef (they asked me how I wanted my patty’s cooked – medium – and then they cooked it how I asked!) It comes in a good toasted milk bun, beer cheddar sauce and pickles. Oh goodness. It was great. A beefy, cheesy explosion of goodness. If I’m being super critical I would say that it could have used a little extra sauce and the patty might be better flame grilled, but make no mistake this is a great burger. And a fantastic find. My partner got the California Burger which come with chipolata sauce, it tasted as good as it looked and it looked freaking amazing.


Guilty secret? We were so impressed we went back for lunch today. This time I got the BBQ, sooo good the addition of onion rings really brings this burger together. My partner got the vegetarian and I had a bite, and I have to say that this is a one of the few vegetarian burgers that I would be happy to eat, mushroom, haloumi, harissa and caramelised onions (you can add beef to it if you want to sample it).

The chips are great (although a little oversalted for my tastes) but they can come smothered in a beer and cheddar fondue which I highly recommend.

All in all this is a great place for a burger, hell this burger joint would be a force to be reckoned with in Melbourne, finding it in Echuca is like finding a $100 note in your sock drawer. You have no idea how it got there but it’s seriously welcome.


  1. Update:

    Ok so since I regularly head up to Echuca Bru-Burger has been my burger away from home. Yes it’s true that unless I want a dubious fish and chip shop burger or the even more dubious McDonalds burger it’s the only game in town, but since it’s so good that hardly matters. The overly salty chip issue has been fixed and the consistency with the quality of the burgers has been maintained. My recommendation is as follows: Get the Fat burger to start. Then if you go back try the Crab Burger (yes I know this seems like a weird directive, TRUST me, it’s great). Then get the California Burger. Then get the AFC (Asian Fried chicken) this has chicken that’s been sat in Buttermilk and fried in an arrowroot crust and is well worth trying. But the biggest must is Onion Rings with Beer and Cheddar sauce. Look lots of places do good onion rings but Bru-Burger does the best I’ve had and with the cheese sauce? Well look there’s a reason why Cheese and Onion chips are popular. I’m not going to go as far as to say drive to Echuca for these burgers. BUT! If you are there (and there’s the Winter Blues festival coming up late July) there is NO excuse not to go to Bru-Burger. You will thank me. (I’ll be the guy behind you in line impatiently waiting for my Onion Rings).

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